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Drillwest – ERP Solution.

Project Overview:

Drillwest is a privately owned Western Australian business established in 1987 and one of the state’s leading drilling contractors, offering the following drilling capabilities: 

  • RAB
  • Aircore
  • RC – Reverse Circulation (Grade Control, RC Exploration)
  • Diamond

Their team is well versed in a variety of drilling techniques and as a result, the business has developed a solid reputation amongst the many exploration and mining companies throughout Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

Nimblex Solution: HR, Client Project, PLOD, Work Shop, Asset, Work Order, Training, Certification, CRM, Tender, Quote and Time Sheet Management (Custom)


Drillwest were using an unwieldy amount of paper and spreadsheets to manage their drilling contracts, operations, assets and equipment, HR activities and much more. This involved an enormous amount of manual input and physical collation of documents from a number of drilling sites. This system also relied on accurate data from users in the field concerning time and equipment used as well as a servicing procedure that was difficult to schedule.

They were looking for an online reporting system that could do away with the paper-based and spreadsheet way of working with the aim to reduce administration working hours without reducing efficiencies.

Drillwest were looking for a proactive management tool that they could manage and administer themselves, with a capacity to enhance in the future and which was within their budget.


We tailored a Custom Solution as per Drillwest’s very detailed and exacting ‘process story’ and reporting requirements which automatically draws in information from a number of sources into a central point and creates individual reports which can be filtered to nominated managers.

The result was a Nimblex Custom Solution with the following applications tailored to Drillwest’s exact requirements.

  • Executive Dashboard for tracking all management and KPI data
  • Human Resource Management
  • Workshop and Asset Management
  • Client, Project and PLOD Drilling Management
  • Training and Certification Management
  • Operations Management
  • CRM, Tender and Quote Management.


  • Real-time monitoring and reporting of equipment, it’s usage, working hours and serviceability through a single system which is centrally controlled.
  • An improved engagement of users with the Nimblex Custom Solution, which has seen a substantial decrease in the use of spreadsheets and manual processing.
  • The capability to package all processes and management activities in digitised and robust applications.
  • Management meetings require no preparation, each department head opens up their section with real-time data. Drillwest uses the Operations System to drive the Operations meeting. 
  • The ability for employees to take images on-site and send them to one person for data entry back in the office. Allows the drillers to focus on drilling not data entry and administrative tasks. 
  • Invoices can be created which match Mining Companies understand and are familiar with.
  • Drillwest now has data that’s useful, previously it was stored within multiple spreadsheets. Now they have one source of truth, no data duplication and with a few clicks they can look at over 2.5 years of data. 
Bert Myburgh, of Nimblex and Doug Pearce, General Manager at Drillwest

Before Nimblex, we managed with a number of disparate spreadsheets that, although achieving their individual purposes, once completed held ‘dead data’. With Nimblex, the information is entered once and is then available to all modules of the system. It is also permanently available for reporting purposes and accessible from anywhere, on any device.

All in all, we wouldn’t be without it.

Doug Pearce,
General Manager

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