Simplicity is at Nimblex's Core

Nimblex offers drag-and-drop assembly of forms and systems using our unique eForm Designer.

Your database is built as you add input fields. 

We build all our systems using these configuration tools, so even our off the shelf systems offer vast amounts of customisation.

What's in it for you? We do not use code to create your application. Doing it this way is much more cost-effective, less risky and more accessible to maintain compared to traditional solutions built by writing code. The ease of making changes will ensure that your solution stays relevant to your current and future requirements.

Drag and Drop

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Export Your Data with Ease

Manually collating documents and letters can be time-consuming, and a source of errors.

Nimblex’s document generation features allow for the creation of complex output documents driven by rules within the template and filled with data straight out of your system.

With Nimblex's focus on usability and automation, exporting large volumes of data into easily read documents can be achieved with ease in a matter of minutes.

What's in it for you? This feature will save you time and ensure there is more critical standardisation of your output documentation. You will also be able to demonstrate the approval and evolution status of documents. Nimblex will even give you better control over the process before an output document needs to be generated for instance gaining final approval. Examples of these output documents can be a Contract, various business letters, evaluation reports, management reports, and much more.

Document Generation

Interconnect with Other Systems

Various options to ensure a seamless work experience

Nimblex offers a few options for integrating with other software systems:

  • Accessing a 3rd party API
  • Scheduled import from file
  • Accessing a 3rd party database directly
  • By Reference
  • Our JSON API

Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. From hard-earned experience we have learnt that it is challenging to find a one size fits all approach, so we look to partner with clients to implement integration that suits their needs.

The Nimblex JSON API conforms to JSON API v1.

The API includes everything you need to: manage and maintain user and department structures to eliminate the need for redundant maintenance of multiple different systems; as well as functions to create, read, update and delete records, as well as record parent-child relationships – allowing synchronisation of data between systems.

To aid in discoverability, any GET requests when accessed from a browser will be output with indentation and with inline hyperlinks for navigation.

What's in it for you? Greater integration means you don't have to spend money replacing other systems, Nimblex can integrate with them to ensure a seamless work experience for users. 

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Business Integration Diagram

Management Data at Your Fingertips

Flexible tabular, charting, and dashboards reports with filters

Use our easy to understand “Report Creator” to build your portfolio of reports, including “drill-down”, charting and dashboards, giving you management information at your fingertips. Our report creation tools are easy to use, and most users interrogate their report data using the Nimblex Platform and not external report tools. You can also share reports with your colleagues giving them ‘read’ or ‘write’ privileges. If needed, then you can easily export your reports into Excel or CSV files for further processing.

Use our report creation tools to build standard reports to share between staff, and allow users to create their reusable report profiles. These statements interrogate your data directly, eliminating the need for a daily load or pulling data out of one system into a separate BI tool.

You can share your reports with your colleagues, and output them as a spreadsheet, PDF or image format.

Some of the options available in Nimblex:

  • Ad-hoc Tabular Reports with the ability to pull data from multiple locations
  • Charting Reports
  • Tailor-built Dashboards
  • Reports within Templates
  • Reports within Landing or Portal Pages

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Reports Dashboards

A Complete Package to Manage Your Workflow

Mapping a system to your workflow can be a challenging task. We know that supporting your workflow requires design decisions in all aspects of a system to be effective. With this knowledge, we don’t pretend to have a single ‘workflow’ feature, but rather a suite of features that work in concert to support your workflow.

These are a few aspects that we can help with:

  • Task Assignment and Ownership
  • Notification
  • Follow up / Reminders
  • Escalation
  • Record keeping
  • Spawning dependent processes
  • Tracking
  • Approval

Security the Way You Need It

Our security systems give you a lot of control over who can access what. This extends to Guest accounts that are specifically designed to safely provide access to a subset of your system, without the risk your data escaping.

A few possible uses for this functionality are:

  • Feedback Forms
  • Vendor or Contractor Portals
  • Registration Forms
  • Client Portals
  • Online surveys Forms
  • Product Order Forms

Access rules control access to data in any of your systems. Our filter language allows you to express quite sophisticated business logic around access control based on group membership, job title, location in the organisation structure or arbitrary rules based on form data.

This allows you to define rules to govern access at the macro level, and never have to micromanage access.

This allows you to specify different views of the same data based on your rules. You can also establish substitution rules for users who go on leave.

Restricted Access
Role-Based Security

Scheduled Around Your Requirements

The Nimblex platform features a task scheduling system, allowing you to attach time-based and rule-based events to your data.

These events can trigger email notifications, trigger workflow actions, and a wide variety of other actions.

We often use this to implement reminders that, e.g. a due date is an approaching, or that insurance will expire. For external system recipients, we can include a PDF of the form. For users, we can also include a hyperlink taking them straight to the record in question.

Alarm Clock

Customisation to Match Your Branding

Your portals and systems can be personally branded to your company and organisation:


This allows you to keep your brand consistency through all forms of communication.

Choices to Keep Your IT Department Happy

To use your Nimblex system, you will need to select a hosting or deployment option.

We offer four hosting options:

  • Nimblex Hosted
  • Nimblex Private Cloud
  • Nimblex Government Cloud
  • Nimblex On-site (Client Hosted)

Each option has its advantages, and which suits you will depend on your situation.

Note that for all hosted options, all data is hosted within Australia.

Please contact us for more detail about our security and redundancy.


For Government Hosting

Comply with the Government's Highest Standards

Are you a Government agency who is looking for a solution which can be compliant to ASD’s Information Security Manual?

eBMS has been independently audited and accredited against the ISM by an IRAP assessor to have appropriate and adequate security controls in place on Nimblex solutions already delivered. We can do the same for your agency. We have the experience partner vendors and necessary security clearances to provide Nimblex solutions up to the following standards:

  • G: UNCLASSIFIED at DLM level
  • P: PROTECTED information and system

eBMS and support partners are also members of various procurement panels, including Infrastructure IT Service Panel, Whole of Government Cloud Services, etc. This means that the contractual vehicles are in place for Government agencies to quickly secure their next Nimblex Solution.

Call us today to discuss your solution and security requirements.

For Standard Cloud

Peace of Mind 24/7

eBMS has partnered with Web24 in order to provide the Nimblex Platform as a SaaS offering using the most resilent, secure and adaptive network connectivity possible.

Click here to read more about their Data Centre Specifications.

Import Data from Various Sources

Many of our clients have used Nimblex to replace Excel for functions within their business. In many ways, Nimblex is the next logical step from building and managing your register in Excel, as a cost-effective way to convert your basic Excel system into a multi-user system with automation, access control and auditability.

We support using Excel or CSV to import and export records, users and departments; to do data manipulation; to transfer data between systems and even to generate new forms. We also make use of a Formula language that is highly compatible with that found in Excel.

Data Import

Trace Every Action

All edits within a system are logged and are available for reporting and analysis after the fact.

These logs are treated like any other form, and in addition to the standard reports can also be pulled into user created reports and dashboards.

Clear Audit Trail

Keep Everything on Track

When someone goes on leave, you can add a temporary substitute to take over their role. If they depart, you can re-assign all their work in one go.

To better retain knowledge through staff turnover, your process can be codified into self-explanatory forms that walk your staff through step by step.



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