Flexible and Intelligent Forms

Nimblex offers drag-and-drop assembly of forms and systems using our unique eForm Designer. 

Your database is built as you add input fields.  

We build all our systems using our configuration tools, so even our CORE systems offer a vast array of customisation. 

Complex database schemas can be created within Nimblex. The highly flexible data capturing forms (called eForms) offer all the standard database input capabilities and more. All this can be shaped to best fit your exact process story through the use of Nimblex's drag-and-drop tools.

What's in it for you?

We do not use code to create your application. Doing it this way is much more cost-effective, less risky and more accessible to maintain compared to traditional solutions which are built by writing code. The ease of making changes will ensure that your solution stays relevant to your current and future requirements.

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Drag and Drop

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