Mobile Capability to Work Anywhere

Every Nimblex eForm can be activated as a desktop or mobile view. Nimblex is compatible with all Internet browsers, e.g. Google, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Yahoo, Safari, etc.

Using Nimblex on your mobile or tablet is easy because the eForms will render to the screen layout of your handheld device. Nimblex is a browser-based application and you will need online connectivity use it.

However, if you do wish to capture data using an offline capability then we can assist you with integrating to the QIN. This is a mobile app which is ideal for offline data capturing and seamlessly synchronising with your Nimblex online forms once connectivity is established.

What's in it for you?

This capability enables you to work with your Nimblex Platform at any time and anywhere. It is ideal for activities such as induction, incident reporting, job inspections, etc.  Nimblex can capture and process your data from the field to the office.