Reports and Dashbard Creation

Use our easy to understand “Report Creator” to build your portfolio of reports, including “drill-down”, charting and dashboards, giving you management information at your fingertips. Our report creation tools are easy to use, and most users interrogate their report data using the Nimblex Platform and not with external report tools.

Use our report creation tools to build standard reports to share between staff, and allow users to create their reusable report profiles. These statements interrogate your data directly, eliminating the need for a daily load or pulling data out of one system into a separate BI tool.

You can also share reports with your colleagues giving them "read" or "write" privileges, and output them as a spreadsheet, PDF or image format.

Some of the options available in Nimblex:

  • Ad-hoc Tabular Reports with the ability to pull data from multiple locations
  • Charting Reports
  • Tailor-built Dashboards
  • Reports within Templates
  • Reports within Landing or Portal Pages

What's in it for you?

This reporting and dashboard creating capability will save you a significant amount of time compared to formatting reports in Excel. The difference is that you are working with real-time data which means that once they are built, you can always reuse them with the click of a button. Nimblex reports will help you to work faster with greater accuracy.

Reports Dashboards