User Structures that Empower Transparency

Nimblex offers various user profiles which include Guest Users, General Users, Super Users, Admin Users and System Configurators.

The Nimblex Platform also works with users and user groups. There are different security and permissions set against each user group to ensure that the right users are performing the right tasks within the Nimblex Platform.

This can be combined with the setting-up of your department structures by accurately reflecting the structure and roles of your people. The security and permission settings can be done on the data field or record level by means of the configuration windows. Different users can have different views of data based on their permission structures.

Once all of the above is set-up, it is still easy to accommodate an absent colleague. Nimblex allows any selected user to take on the system identity of a person who is absent. Built-in audit logging will record the actual user and the assumed identity separately for the management of security.  

This is great to ensure ongoing action management and process activities for people who are on leave or off sick.

What's in it for you?

Nimblex will ensure that the correct people will see the right data and will use the authorised functionalities within the system. This is important to maintain your desired security protocols for who can view what data and when.

Restricted AccessRole-Based Security