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Frankston City Council – Multiple Solutions.

Project Overview:

Frankston City Council is situated on the eastern shore of Port Phillip Bay, 40 kilometres south of Melbourne central business district, with a population of 134,000 and employing 936 employees. Frankston City is the major retail, employment, cultural, professional and administrative services centre for Melbourne’s south-eastern suburbs and the Mornington Penninsula.

Nimblex Solution: Incident, Safety, Return to Work, Claim, Risk and Hazard Management (Custom)


In early 2011, Frankston City Council recognised the need to improve on their practice of managing OH&S processes and practices in paper forms and spreadsheets. They engaged us to create the right solution for their needs.

After consultation, we rolled out a robust and highly successful system at a fraction of the cost of other “silo type” software products available.

Once implemented, Frankston City Council reported a 40% increase in productivity within the OH&S department by releasing staff from automating tedious spreadsheets all day and spending more time on value adding activities, such as. safety training and OH&S inspections.

After using Nimblex successfully for six months, Frankston City Council wanted to incorporate WorkCover Claims Management and all incidents related to Fleet Management into their Nimblex Platform.


We have managed to efficiently harness the ‘play-dough’ capability of the Nimblex Platform to shape features that will best fit any new requirements. This included a new and effortless way for Frankston City Council employees to report incidents.

The Nimblex Platform is highly flexible which enables it to remain synchronised with any organisations’ latest needs. Working closely with the team, we assisted Frankston City Council with the re-engineering of their process map to include all the new workflow, data capturing and user requirements.


  • Nimblex successfully incorporated all the new requirements at an affordable price
  • fluctuating needs and changing priorities within business can be catered for, the capabilities of the Nimblex Platform allow for ongoing change and evolution rather than becoming old and redundant technology as other systems may
  • relevant staff only needed training on the additional functions of the Nimblex Platform rather than learning a whole new system, again saving staff time and increasing efficiencies
  • Frankston City Council is now experiencing more pro-active safety management & reporting, which further improves their compliance and makes their safety practices more efficient.

Nimblex has increased and improved our efficiency by more than 40% and we are much better organised as a department.

Aven Eddington
Principal OHS Consultant
Frankston City Council

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