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How Low-Code Can Future-Proof Your Solutions

Answer: a lot of work coding line-by-line.Or in real terms, lots of dollars! There is a better way: low-code development. “Hand-coded solutions exist in ‘Concrete Land’ whereas low-coded solutions live in ‘Playdough Land’ where the answer to ‘Can we do it?’ is ‘Yes!’. With low-code, you can adapt the software to fit a company’s processes […]

Why You Need to be Compliant and How Software Helps

“Ignore this warning at your peril!” Have you ever come across a sign like this? Perhaps at the beginning of a harrowing mountain trail. Or the sign with a picture of a snake baring its fangs?Watch where you tread lest you stand on a viper!This is a little like the warning signs of ignoring compliance […]

How Nimblex Can Help You Manage Contracts

Nine Ways Nimblex CanHelp You Manage Contracts Contracts need to be managed throughout the various stages of their life cycles. When done manually, this can prove time consuming and costly. An automated contract management system, like the Nimblex Platform, can save you valuable time and money and help you to get the most out of […]

WCC & EBMS Webinar With Yarra Valley Water: Recording

Digitised Procurement and Contract Management Solution Using a No-to-Low Code Development Platform Dominique Gibert, Manager of Procurement and Payables at Yarra Valley Water, shares the ins-and-outs of how Nimblex created a digitised Procurement and Contract Management solution using a no-to-low code development platform, and how it has greatly improved their processes and working efficiency, among […]

Why You Need Digital Transformation

Kodak, founded in 1888, was the leading photographic film company of the twentieth century. Ironically, it was Kodak that developed the first digital camera in 1975, but they chose not to run ahead on the very path they had discovered, and the sad result was they filed for bankruptcy in 2012. Kodak chose to stick […]

Shortlisted in Three World Commerce & Contracting Awards Categories

“We understand the importance of recognizing individuals and organizations that are achieving the highest standards in the field of commercial and contract management.” WC&C EBMS has been shortlisted in three categories of the World Commerce & Contracting Innovation & Excellence Awards 2020. We entered the Nimblex Procurement and Contract Management solution that we built for […]

Digital Answer to Meetings and Actions Management

Developing the Compact Meetings and Actions Solution We like the phrase, “eating from your own restaurant” when it comes to our software. Where needed, we use the solutions we develop, and it is a good way to make sure an application is at its best when we present it to clients. A Digital Answer The […]

Meetings and Actions Solution

Compact Meetings and Actions Solution The Meetings and Actions software makes scheduling, recording and tracking your internal/external meetings and actions easy and all from a central location. Quickly Implemented The system is ready to go with just minor configuration to make it your own, including custom branding. Main Features Customised branding Status dashboard Email/calendar integration […]

Freedom of Information – The Right to Know

Conspiracy theories abound about who was behind the shooting of US President J.F. Kennedy. Was it just an angry dissident acting alone as we have been told? Or was it an FBI/CIA plot? Those who get caught up in these theories eagerly awaited the release of the FBI files under the freedom of information policies […]

Nimblex 6 Launch Road Map

A Visual Guide of the Nimblex 6 Migration Process [Click here to open a PDF version.]

The Why and How of Visitor Portals for Collaboration

Visitor Portals for Secure Collaboration More and more, our lives are lived as much digitally as they are physically. Since COVID-19 banished us from the office and face-to-face meetings, we are even more reliant on our online universe than ever before. Of course there are many downsides to being physically isolated from one another, but […]

Nimblex 6 Webinar

An Overview of the Nimblex 6 Platform,The Migration Process and Q & A   This webinar gave our clients an overview of what the new Nimblex 6 Platform is all about, what has changed and how it benefits all who use it. We also had a Q&A about the platform and the migration process. We […]