EBMS Nimblex joins VendorPanel, creating a world class Source-to-Pay procurement suite

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VendorPanel acquires EBMS Nimblex

“This is a significant acquisition that changes the ProcureTech landscape in our key customer markets,” commented CEO James Leathem. ProcureTech […]

How Low-Code Can Future-Proof Your Software

Stay in-step with change with low-code. Back in the day, computer programmers were characterised as glasses-wearing youths, hunched over a […]

Why You Need to be Compliant and How Software Helps

“Ignore this warning at your peril!” Have you ever come across a sign like this? Perhaps at the beginning of […]

WCC & Nimblex Webinar With Yarra Valley Water: Recording

Digitised Procurement and Contract Management Solution Using a No-to-Low Code Development Platform Dominique Gibert, Manager of Procurement and Payables at […]

Why You Need Digital Transformation

Kodak, founded in 1888, was the leading photographic film company of the twentieth century. Ironically, it was Kodak that developed […]

Shortlisted in Three World Commerce & Contracting Awards Categories

“We understand the importance of recognizing individuals and organizations that are achieving the highest standards in the field of commercial […]

Digital Answer to Meetings and Actions Management

Why we developed the Compact Meetings and Actions Solution We like the phrase, “eating from your own restaurant” when it […]

Freedom of Information – The Right to Know

Most of us have felt at least a tinge of apprehension when we read how our personal data can be […]

The Why and How of Visitor Portals for Collaboration

Portals for Secure Collaboration More and more, our lives are lived as much digitally as they are physically. Since COVID-19 […]

What’s Improved with Nimblex 6

Technology is constantly evolving and changing, and as a technology company, we like to make sure we are right up the […]

All About Nimblex 6

We are proud to present the new release of our platform – Nimblex 6. Our Nimblex team has a far-reaching […]

Dream Solutions with Flexible and Intelligent Forms

Low-code drag-and-drop eForm development for digital transformation of business management processes Dream a Little If you were to sit down and […]

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