EBMS Nimblex joins VendorPanel, creating a world class Source-to-Pay procurement suite

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Go Beyond Spreadsheets with eForms

Many businesses rely on carefully constructed spreadsheets to keep track of their operations but is there a better way?

How Workflow Keeps Your Customers Happy

In today’s workplace, there is very little room for error. Customer expectations and competition are rising, placing businesses under increasing pressure to perform better, faster. At the heart of this performance is information flow.

Workflow the Nimblex Way

Workflow is like a journey you might take from one end of a city to the other. Imagine navigating your […]

No Reason Not To Go For Workflow

What is Automated Workflow? To put it simply, workflow automation takes a string of tasks and automates them using a […]

Rest Assured and Prosper with Workflow

We can probably all remember from school the images of the Ford Motor Company in the early 1900s producing Model […]

Data Encryption: A Weapon for Cybersecurity

The science of “cryptology” Most people had not heard of Alan Turing before the movie, “The Imitation Game”, came out […]

A Sneak Peek of Nimblex 6 Ahead of Launch Date

Our Technical Director, Stuart Murray, gives us a sneak preview of a few of the updated functions in Nimblex 6. […]

How Do Passwords Work?

Have you ever wondered how password encryption works? Here our Technical Director unpacks the basics and gives us assurance that […]

Why Every Business Needs Data Analytics

“Every business is a data business.” Heidi Custers, Digital Transformation Strategy Manager, Deloitte. What is Data Analytics? In the foreseeable […]

Nimblex 6: Why the Change and What is Changing

Our Technical Director, Stuart Murray, digs a little deeper into why we have a new release of Nimblex , the […]

A Short History of Nimblex

Our Story EBMS is an Australian software company established in 1995. It started out specialising in the development of Visual […]

“No” to Spreadsheets for Contract Management

With the range of sophisticated solutions available, it is surprising how many companies are still using spreadsheets for contract and […]

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