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Data Encryption: A Weapon for Cybersecurity

The science of “cryptology”. Most people had not heard of Alan Turing before the movie, “The Imitation Game”, came out […]

A Sneak Peek of Nimblex 6 Ahead of Launch Date

Our Technical Director, Stuart Murray, gives us a sneak preview of a few of the updated functions in Nimblex 6. […]

Freedom of Information Management

Freedom of Information Management Solution Information is a valuable and powerful resource which is at the heart of every government […]

Vendor Management

Custom Vendor Management Solution Overview The objective of our Vendor Management module is to offer greater clarity to you and […]

Purchase Management

Custom Purchase Management Solution Overview If you have a current purchase order process in place that has various limitations on […]

Risk Management

Custom Risk Management Solution Overview We recognise the complexity of systematically identifying and managing risks across your processes, people, projects […]

How Do Passwords Work?

Have you ever wondered how password encryption works? Here our Technical Director unpacks the basics and gives us assurance that […]

Why Every Business Needs Data Analytics

Why Every Business Needs Data Analytics What is Data Analytics? “Every business is a data business.” Heidi Custers, Digital Transformation […]

Nimblex 6: Why the Change and What is Changing

Our Technical Director, Stuart Murray, digs a little deeper into why we have a new release of Nimblex , the […]

A Short History of Nimblex

Our Story EBMS is an Australian software company established in 1995. It started out specialising in the development of Visual […]

“No” to Spreadsheets for Contract Management

“No” to Spreadsheets for Contract Management With the range of sophisticated solutions available, it is surprising how many companies are […]

What is Business Process Automation & Why You Need It

What is Business Process AutomationAnd Why You Need It Digital transformation is sweeping through organisations at a rapid rate and […]

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