eBMS Hosting Options

We Offer Three Hosting Options

1. Public Cloud

2. Private Cloud (Microsoft Azure)

3. On-Site (Client Hosted)

A Public Cloud system is a pure SaaS (Software as a Service) delivered application that, in this case, runs on the eBMS common server infrastructure.

A Private Cloud system is a SaaS delivered application running on servers dedicated to a single client. eBMS makes use of Microsoft Azure for our Private Cloud servers.

For implementations on the cloud, you are unlikely to need significant involvement from your IT Department as the system is web-based and compatible with typical Office and email tools.

An On-Site implementation is installed on equipment owned and managed by you, the client, and is usually located on your site or in your data centre. You and your IT Department will be responsible for providing all the required server environments and providing eBMS with appropriate access to these environments for installation, support and upgrades.

All data is hosted within Australia, regardless of which option you select. However, if your company is based in another country, we can also arrange for a data centre in your own country.

eBMS offers multiple environments on the same server. Usually we recommend Prod, DEV and UAT, but this can be changed as per the client's policy.