Nimblex Core Solutions: BRIDGE Implementation Approach

This methodology is used for the delivery of our Core Solutions. The word bridge refers to 'bridging the gap' which encapsulates the main emphasis of this approach - we do a gap analysis between your current needs and the Core Solutions you are implementing.

Key benefits of this implementation approach:

  • Starting with a mature framework:
    Our Core Solutions enable you to start with a framework and we will help you to correctly identify your needs using this framework as a guide.  
  • Quick and Easy:
    This way of implementation will ensure we get you up and running in a short lead time with a best-fit solution. 

Nimblex Custom Solutions: SIMPLE Implementation Approach

We use our tried and tested delivery methodology called SIMPLE for the successful delivery of customised and complex solutions.

It has been designed to fit the flexibility offered by Nimblex, while starting from a 'blank canvas' for the creation of a new and unique solution.

Key benefits of this implementation approach:

  • Clarity:
    All your questions about who, what, when, where, how, etc. are well defined throughout the methodology.
  • Low Risk:
    The iterative review process gives our clients ample time to suggest changes, which is also well accommodated by the flexibility Nimblex offers.
  • Fixed Price:
    Subject to a confirmed scope, this approach help us to successfully implement fixed price projects making it super easy for you to manage your budget obligations. 

The above comes with field guides and resources to make it easy for our clients to journey with us to success.