EBMS Nimblex joins VendorPanel, creating a world class Source-to-Pay procurement suite

Industries we work with.

Deliver accurate outcomes fast, on time, and on budget using future proof technology.

Every industry has specific business management needs, and due to the adaptable nature of Nimblex, your solution can be configured to the way your industry works.

Commercial & Corporate.

Working in a competitive sphere increases the need to remain at the forefront of business management automation. With Nimblex, you can automate your business processes to give you that extra edge.

Government Agencies.

Web-based, digitised solutions give Government Agencies super-charged efficiency, and with Nimblex, it does not have to break the bank.

Local Government.

Local Governments are under pressure when it comes to compliance, reporting and management requirements. Furthermore, they are accountable to the public and thus require visibility in their work procedures, which Nimblex delivers.

Government Departments.

Transparency and guaranteed compliance are important to Government Departments and determine how they are managed. A fully automated system can ensure these are covered and can help produce a clean audit sheet.

Not for Profits.

NFPs work with donated funds and assets and need to be attentive to how they are managed as they have to give an account to their benefactors. Also, they often cannot afford an expensive application. Nimblex can provide a feature-rich solution at reasonable price points.


Registered Training Organisations often have their own processes and procedures. Nimblex works with educational institutions to map their specific processes into automated workflows.


For water companies, it’s important to have a solution that is future-proof to not only be highly effective with today’s activities, but also for future legislative changes. Nimblex is perfect for this due to its low-code configuration back-end.


Nimblex enables managers in Manufacturing to implement their improvements into their automated solutions quickly and cost-effectively due to the configurable nature of our low-code development.

Service Businesses.

Stay ahead of your competition by streamlining your processes for better collaboration, client experience and productivity. Using Nimblex will also allow you to bring your own flare to your system.

Our Process.

We offer an alternative to expensive custom software solutions that take a long time to develop and install. Our flexible, low-code Nimblex platform is easily configurable.
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