Wednesday September 6, 2017

Local Government .

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Nimblex Solution

Local government and councils have more or less the same key processes, but they all do it slightly differently. For this, a ‘cookie cut approach’ with inflexible off-the-shelve software has proven to be less successful. The flexibility offered by Nimblex allows local government and councils to shape their Nimblex applications to fit their unique emphasis and process innovations.

Nimblex has a proven track record for improving governance, compliance and risk management in the following areas within councils:

  • Procurement and Contract Management
    • Many councils are using our Procurement and Contract Management solution which is tailored to fit every council’s unique requirements.
    • The Nimblex Procurement and Contract Management Solution integrates seamlessly with an eProcurement module as provided by TenderSearch.
  • Vendor Management and Pre-qualification
  • Risk, Hazards and Incident Management

Note that Nimblex will integrate with the rest of your ICT environment including TRIM or TechnologyOne.

With a Nimblex solution, you can solve spreadsheet headaches and replace impractical off-the-shelf solutions, or old databases, with actual customised solutions that match your council’s operational processes and workflow.

Our Clients & Case Studies

Government Panels

Western Australia Local Government Association (WALGA)

WALGA provides a Preferred Supplier Program for Business Management Systems, eBMS Nimblex is a Preferred Supplier in the sub-category of Business Systems Software. 

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