The Australian Education Sector

How the TAFE sector is using Nimblex

Old database technology, multiple spreadsheet registers and paper forms have a negative effect on the efficiency of any education environment. Institutions struggle to keep up to date with students who are often more tech savvy and who can become frustrated with the processing of administration data and submissions using old technology. Nimblex provides education clients with the ability to digitise their processes and for the rapid development of management applications which ensure a more effective and efficient approach for solutions including:

  • Student Placement and Intern Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Contract Management
  • Grant Management

Why the TAFE sector likes dealing with us

  • Registered Training Organisations (RTO's) often have their own unique procedures and processes to interact with their students which in many ways could be described as their 'competitive advantage'. Nimblex enables us to successfully digitise these unique processes through our custom approach e.g. Student Placement and Intern Management
  • Many of our clients in this sector take up the Nimblex System Builder training which allows them to be more self-sufficient in the configuration and the handling of support issues saving them money.
  • The flexibility of Nimblex ensures that each solution is future-proof.
  • The feedback is that our support and customer service are outstanding.

Did you know…

The regulatory and compliance requirements within education environments are becoming increasingly more difficult to manage. Paper forms and spreadsheet registers have no audit trail. Nimblex's capabilities will enable you to more effectively enforce compliance and modernise your administration processes relating to student placements and the management of interns.

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