EBMS Nimblex joins VendorPanel, creating a world class Source-to-Pay procurement suite

Business Process Management for Government Departments.

Fulfilling the unique process and compliance needs of Government.

Nimblex tackles the key challenges government departments face:

Government-specific procedures that don’t fit with large ERP systems

Compliance, clean audits and corruption-free transparency

Secure data and risk reduction

The ability to change the solution as needs grow and change

The need to integrate with current solutions

Alleviate inefficiencies of spreadsheets and manual tasks

How Government Departments are using Nimblex:

Budgets are under constant pressure within certain State Governments. No longer can all State Government departments afford to pay millions of dollars to the traditional international tier one software suppliers. We successfully helped the West Australian and South Australian Governments to digitise various procurement, contract and other types of processes at more realistic price points. This includes the following:

Procurement Management

Manage and track the entire lifecycle of a procurement project and remain fully compliant.

Contract Management.

End-to-end, pro-active management of deliverables and performances of contracts.

Safety Management.

Keep your employees and clients safe with a best-fit solution compliant to safety standards.

Project Management.

Integrated project management solutions based on your ideal approach and organisation’s needs.

Freedom of Information.

Automate and track Freedom of Information requests while following correct procedures and remaining compliant.

How we work with government departments.

  • Painless Digital Transformation
  • Intelligent Automation
  • End to End Support

  • Embrace technology to digitise your business (no more spreadsheet nightmares).
  • Be competitive in an online, digital world.
  • Use integrated cloud technology.
  • Be free from laborious tasks; be free to innovate.
  • Make informed business decisions with real-time data and reporting.
  • Enjoy mobility with web-based solutions; any time, any where.

Improve your business processes

  • Automate repetitive manual tasks and keep processes consistent.
  • Reduce human errors.
  • Unprecedented customisation: build workflows to comply with your business rules and way of working.
  • Enforce compliance and secure a water-tight audit trail.
  • Provide transparency along the entire lifecycle.
  • Never miss a deadline with automated reminders and task scheduling.
  • Customers are blown away by the level of support they receive.
  • We go the extra mile to make sure your solution works 100% to your satisfaction.
  • Help is always near with our comprehensive online help wiki, a phone call or email.
  • Our clients are more than just clients, they become part of our community.

Government Case Study.

Read how we successfully helped the West & South Australian Governments digitise procurement, contracts & other processes at realistic price points compared to traditional software suppliers.

Why Government Departments like dealing with us.

Local support, local expertise

We are fully Australian made and owned with no technical expertise outsourced overseas, e.g. support centres, R&D, solution configuration or development.

Lower risk of fraud and corruption

Nimblex helps to lower the risk of fraud and corruption, and is part of the remedy against the damage these cause.

Outstanding support and customer service

The feedback is that our support and customer service are outstanding.

Future-proof solutions

The flexibility of Nimblex ensures that each solution is future-proof and can be scaled-up or modified as your needs change, such as when there are policy and procedure changes.

Standardise across departments

Nimblex enables Government Departments to have a more standardised approach to all their business management processes.

Budget-friendly, high-value solutions

We give a lot of value for the price points at which we deliver these solutions.

Systemised Core solutions configured by department.

A better result is gained if the standardisation effort is centrally lead by, for example, the Department of Treasury and Finance or the Department of Premier and Cabinet. They can then define a “Core State Solution” for a certain focus area such as Procurement and Contract Management.

Nimblex is ideal to deliver these core solutions, while at the same time allow for the individual requirements for each department to be configured. This is due to our unprecedented flexibility.


Save time with low-code.

Nimblex solutions are built using low-code development, which offers:

  • Rapid, cost-effective solution creation and deployment
  • Innovative, adaptable and configurable solutions
  • Future-proof, agile systems and that can quickly respond to change demands
  • Increased self-service by empowering “citizen developers”

Read more about No-code vs Low-code vs Hand-code.

Prevent corruption and fraud.

Government Departments can be vulnerable to corruption and fraud if they do not have the proper systems in place. Nimblex is well-positioned to help prevent these types of incidents and we work with numerous State and Local Government Departments to rigorously ensure compliance and transparency through our robust solutions.

All solutions and pricing are centred around the client.

We offer an alternative to expensive custom software solutions that take a long time to develop and install.

Off-the-shelf standards meet Nimblex flexibility

Simple and cost-effective, yet powerful and feature-rich

A solution in as little as 4 to 6 weeks

Unprecedented flexibility; configured to your requirements

Configure don’t code with fast, flexible low-code development

Greater affordability with less risk

FAQ’s for Government Departments .

Does Nimblex have help guides and videos?

Nimblex has comprehensive help guides and video tutorials in our online help wiki, Nimblex.help. We also offer you inbuilt help and complete user guides which can be saved under Quick Links in the solution for easy reference. Additionally, instructions can be displayed within a hover-over information icon to prompt users or provide options.

What training can I expect from Nimblex?

Nimblex offers clients training on two aspects: [1] The Nimblex Platform (i.e Platform Training) which covers how to get the most out of your Nimblex Platform. This applies to all users within our Nimblex user community. [2] Your specificconfigured solution (i.e. Solution Training) which deals with how to use your specific solution. We offer you a Train-the-Trainer approach. This training involves a select group of individuals who will be the “Trainers ” and “Super Users” who are enabled to help others in your organisation to understand the system and its day to day operation.

Can I use Nimblex on a mobile device?

Yes, you can use Nimblex whenever, wherever on any movile device that has an active Internet connection. Nimblex is a web-based solution, meaning you have access to your data from anywhere you can get Wi-Fi or a mobile signal. Using Mobile Views, full systems can be dynamically reformatted to render on a mobile device. Also, Nimblex is compatible with all the leading Internet browsers, such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Opera and Safari.

What support does Nimblex offer us?

Support is one of our stand-out trademarks. We have a dedicated team of support analysts who manage our clients’ tickets using an industry standard support platform. Logging tickets through the portal is our preferred method, however we also have email and phone communication methods that you can use. Our support is based out of our Melbourne, Australia office.

You can find us on these Panels

The good news is that Nimblex is available from the following procurement panels for Federal and State Government.

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly if you have any questions on how to utilise our panel membership for an easier purchase experience.

I am so impressed with how easily the system is customisable to our needs, as well as intuitive. It provides us more freedom to continually innovate our processes which has a huge impact on business.

Emma O’Shaughnessy-Black,
Team Leader Lease Management,
Western Australia Department of Transport

Client Success Stories.

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