Government Departments

This graph from the "IBAC State Government Integrity Frameworks Review" highlights the vulnerability of government departments to corruption and fraud if they do not have the proper systems in place. Nimblex is well-positioned to help prevent these types of incidents and we work with numerous State and Local Government Departments to rigorously ensure compliance and transparency through our robust solutions. Read further to gain a better understanding of how Nimblex operates in this sector.


How Government Departments are using Nimblex

Budgets are under constant pressure within certain State Governments. No longer can all State Government departments afford to pay millions of dollars to the traditional international tier one software suppliers. We successfully helped the West Australian and South Australian Governments to digitise various procurement, contract and other types of processes at more realistic price points. This includes the following:

  • Procurement Management
  • Contract Management
  • Grant Management
  • Industry Participation Plan
  • Lease Management Solution
  • Project Management Solution
  • Fleet Management Solution
  • Safety Management Solution

Why Government Departments like dealing with us

  • We are fully Australian made and owned with no technical expertise outsourced overseas, e.g. support centres, R&D, solution configuration or development.
  • Nimblex enables Government Departments to have a more standardised approach, for example, with Procurement and Contract Management. At the same time, we can accommodate each Department's unique requirements due to the flexibility of Nimblex.

Did you know…

A better result is gained if the standardisation effort is centrally lead by, for example, the Department of Treasury and Finance or the Department of Premier and Cabinet. They can then define a "Core State Solution'' for a certain focus area such as Procurement and Contract Management. Nimblex is ideal to deliver these core solutions, while at the same time allow for the individual requirements for each department to be configured. This is due to our unprecedented flexibility.

You can find us on these Panels

The good news is that eBMS Nimblex is available from the following procurement panels for Federal and State Government. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly if you have any questions on how to utilise our panel membership for an easier purchase experience. 

See the following Case Studies for more information:


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