Local Governments

This graph from the "IBAC State Government Integrity Frameworks Review" highlights the vulnerability of government departments to corruption and fraud if they do not have the proper systems in place. Nimblex is well-positioned to help prevent these types of incidents and we work with numerous State and Local Government Departments to rigorously ensure compliance and transparency through our robust solutions. Read further to gain a better understanding of how Nimblex operates in this sector.


How Councils are using Nimblex

Councils are independent regarding their own policies and procedures, but yet are under the same scrutiny of the Auditor General and the Department for Local Government.

On top of this, Councils differ based on their current ICT environments which can be very fragmented with many 'little systems'. Large Metro City Councils may be able to afford the large tier one solutions, which incorporate some of the modules offered by Nimblex.

The reality is that there are many smaller Regional and Town Councils for whom the 'big bang' approach is just not feasible or affordable. However, they are under the same pressure as the larger Councils when it comes to compliance, reporting and management requirements.

We've been helping Councils to standardise and to digitise some of their compliance and key management processes.

This includes the following:

  • Procurement Management
  • Contract Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Risk Management
  • Safety Management Solution

Why Councils like dealing with us

  • We are fully Australian made and owned with no technical expertise outsourced overseas, e.g. support centres, R&D, solution configuration or development.
  • Nimblex enables solutions with various touchpoints to each other to all be configured on the same platform ensuring the seamless sharing of data, business rules, user settings, etc. See the case study regarding Wodonga Rural Council.
  • Many of the popular ERP or Finance solutions used by Councils are inflexible and do not always represent the ideal way they would like to work. Nimblex becomes a more flexibe alternative for certain modules (e.g. Procurement and Contract Management) and then easily integrates back into these solutions for example TechOne, Computron, Civica, etc.

Did you know…

Many of our Council clients have gone through numerous policy and procedural changes which were successfully incorporated into their Nimblex solutions to realize the benefit of having a solution that is future-proof. These changes include the way they do variations, social procurement policies, reporting requirements, etc.

You can find us on this Panel

The good news is that eBMS Nimblex is available from the following procurement panel for Councils in Western Australia. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly if you have any questions on how to utilise our panel membership for an easier purchase experience. 

See the following Case Studies for more information:


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