The Manufacturing Sector

How the Manufacturing sector is using Nimblex

There are all sorts of fancy ERP solutions in the market specifically targeted for manufacturers. The broad process story within manufacturing is broadly the same and are well catered for by these ERP solutions.

Where there is often a gap is for the implementations of ISO 9001 quality standards and the continuous management of quality.  Imagine a quality system tailored around the unique needs of what you produce and how you produce it.

The other gap is with customer service and the management of warranty issues.

The following are examples of solutions created using Nimblex.  

  • Quality Management Solution (ISO 9001) 
  • Service and Warranty Management Solution 
  • Customer Complaint Solution 
  • Machine Maintenance and Incident Management Solution

Why the Manufacturing sector likes dealing with us

  • This sector is heavily into all sorts of improvement methodologies e.g. QTM, Lean, Six Sigma, etc. The notion to automate the improvement outcomes from these methodologies using a spreadsheet is no longer good enough. This often serves as work arounds due to inflexible ERP solutions. Nimblex enables managers within this sector to digitise improvements 'on the fly' without the need to write code. This speeds up the 'time to benefit' as a result of an improvement workshop or a bright idea implementation.
  • The automation of processes within Nimblex creates a more consistent and optimised experience for clients and staff across the business.
  • There is more focus on value-added activities compared to 'fighting with spreadsheets' thus ensuring the smooth running of processes which gives you a better return on investment.
  • Many of our clients in this sector take up the Nimblex System Builder training which allows them to be more self-sufficient in the configuration and the handling of support issues which saves them money.
  • The flexibility of Nimblex ensures that each solution is future-proof.
  • The feedback is that our support and customer service are outstanding. 

Did you know…

Every business has an 'Excel Guru'. This knowledge is transferable to Nimblex which will enable us to train the user to configure Nimblex forms. This will empower your organisation to become self-sufficient and to boost your internal automation capabilities so that you can gain the benefits of working smarter.

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