EBMS Nimblex joins VendorPanel, creating a world class Source-to-Pay procurement suite

Not For Profits.

Quickly installed, flexible and configurable

Not For Profit organisations exist to serve and not to turn a profit, yet they need to manage funds, assets, procurement, contracts, etc. as diligently as any corporation, especially since they have to give an account of the funds given to them to use for the benefit of others.

Benefits of Nimblex that clients love.

Increase of productivity up to 40%

Most of our clients report an estimated 40% improvement in productivity and efficiency compared to their previous methods, which included stand-alone spreadsheets, old databases or inflexible applications.

Reduce the cost spent on ERP solutions

Most ERP solutions are expensive, especially if you’re looking to use additional modules or automate an extra process. By using Nimblex as a gap filler, you can cost-effectively integrate with these ERP solutions.

Fast, flexible low-code development

Low-code development enables rapid, cost-effective solution creation. This method promotes innovative designs, and is highly adaptable which makes configuration and self-maintenance easy and future-proofs your solution.

Customer-specific integrations

Whatever your current solutions may be, we will find a way to integrate with them using either API, by reference, file-based or at database level, and each Nimblex solution works hand-in-glove with every other Nimble module as a unified whole.

Why Not for Profits like dealing with us.

Quickly installed, flexible and configurable

The Nimblex Core Solutions offer the off-the-shelf benefits of being mature solutions that are quick to install, yet due to the flexibility of our low-code development, the solutions can still be configured to suit each unique set of needs.

Affordable and scaleable

We understand that NFPs tend to work within tight budget constraints. Also, Nimblex is so easily scaled – you can start with a simple solution and scale up as you grow. Overall, organisations have lowered their administrative costs and improved productivity by 40%.


NFPs need to comply with government regulations and Nimblex allows for these rules to be encoded into the business process workflows thus giving you peace of mind that you remain fully compliant and have clear audit trails.

Did you know

Using Nimblex Grant Management, NFPs can keep track of their funding sources, details and programmes, and search for funders. To further help track funds and projects, Nimblex provides comprehensive tracking and reporting functions.

The ideal technology to partner for the following type of solutions:

Improve efficiencies with Nimblex’s flexibility and ability to quickly adjust to change requests and future needs.

Procurement Management

Manage and track the entire lifecycle of a procurement project and remain fully compliant.

Contract Management.

End-to-end, pro-active management of deliverables and performances of contracts.

Safety Management.

Keep your employees and clients safe with a best-fit solution compliant to safety standards.

Project Management.

Integrated project management solutions based on your ideal approach and organisation’s needs.

Freedom of Information.

Automate and track Freedom of Information requests while following correct procedures and remaining compliant.

The staff at Nimblex are friendly, efficient and very helpful. Nothing is too much trouble for them – great company to deal with. The Nimblex platform is flexible, easy to configure and re-configure. Nothing that can’t be done in Nimblex platform to fulfill our business requirements – great software platform to work with.

Al Wong
IT Manager
AFL SportsReady

Client Success Stories.

The Salvation Army – Contract Management

The Salvation Army lives out its mission through diverse, unified expressions across Australia.

AFL SportsReady Recruitment and Trainee Management

AFL SportsReady is a national, not-for-profit company dedicated to helping young Australians develop careers through traineeships and educational opportunities.

Capital Region Community Service – Multiple Solutions

Established in 1975 by the people of Belconnen, Belconnen Community Service (BCS) is a not-for-profit community organisation.

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