The Not For Profit Sector

How the NFP sector is using Nimblex

Not For Profit organisations exist to serve and not to turn a profit, yet they need to manage funds, assets, procurement, contracts, etc. as diligently as any corporation, especially since they have to give an account of the funds given to them to use for the benefit of others.

Added to this responsibility is the need to be transparent with a clear audit trail to curtail any temptation to commit fraud or dabble in corruption.

NFPs - such as The Salvation Army, The Migrant Resources Centre Tasmania, Capital Region Community Services (Belconnen) and AFL Sportsready - use these Nimblex solutions:

  • Contract Management
  • Grant Management
  • CRM
  • Trainee and Recruitment Management
  • Risk Management
  • Incident Management
  • Work Health and Safety Management

Why the NFP sector likes dealing with us

Quickly installed, flexible and configurable

The Nimblex Core Solutions offer the off-the-shelf benefits of being mature solutions that are quick to install, yet due to the flexibility of our low-code development, the solutions can still be configured to suit each unique set of needs.


We understand that NFPs tend to work within tight budget constraints and can work with a given budget. Also, we have found that our clients love that Nimblex is so easily scaled. You can start with a simple solution that fits your current budget, and scale up as your needs and budget grows. Overall, organisations such as Capital Region Community Services (Belconnen) have lowered their administrative costs and improved productivity by 40%.


NFPs need to comply with government regulations and Nimblex allows for these rules to be encoded into the workflows.

The flexibility of Nimblex ensures that each solution is future-proof.

The feedback is that our support and customer service are outstanding.

Did you know…

Using Nimblex Grant Management, NFPs can keep track of their funding sources, details and programmes, and search for funders. To further help track funds and projects, Nimblex provides comprehensive tracking and reporting functions.

See the following Case Studies for more information:

AFL Sportsready