The water industry.

With the knowledge gained from clients in this industry, Nimblex is well positioned to become an effective technology partner for the Water Industry regarding Procurement and Contract Management.

Water companies are constantly in a flux of change due to directives being issued from State Government regarding reporting, regulations and compliance requirements. It is therefore important to have a solution that is future-proof to not only be highly effective with today’s BAU activities, but also the implementation of future changes. This is ideal for Nimblex due to its no-code configuration back-end.

Benefits of Nimblex that clients love.

Increase of productivity up to 40%

Most of our clients report an estimated 40% improvement in productivity and efficiency compared to their previous methods, which included stand-alone spreadsheets, old databases or inflexible applications.

Reduce the cost spent on ERP solutions

Most ERP solutions are expensive, especially if you’re looking to use additional modules or automate an extra process. By using Nimblex as a gap filler, you can cost-effectively integrate with these ERP solutions.

Low-code development

Low-code development enables rapid, cost-effective solution creation. This method promotes innovative designs, and is highly adaptable thus facilitating perfect-fit solutions.

Customer-specific integrations

Whatever your current solutions may be, we will find a way to integrate with them, and each Nimblex solution seamlessly works hand-in-glove with every other Nimble module as a unified whole.

Why the Water Industry likes dealing with us.

Local Support, Local Expertise

We are fully Australian made and owned with no technical expertise outsourced overseas, e.g. support centres, R&D, solution configuration or development.

Nimblex shapes around the way you like to work

Many of the more expensive and often overseas technologies implemented by Government and the Water Industry require that clients change their way of working to fit the framework of the vendor’s software. Our Nimblex platform will shape around the way your water company wishes to work which proves a better result in user engagement and uptake.

Better value

Nimblex offers a better value for money proposition compared to current local and overseas vendors active within this industry for the Australian market.

Seamless module integration

Nimblex offers more than just a one-use capability, e.g. Contract Management, but can be used for the digitisation of numerous other processes including Project Management, Safety Management, etc. All of these modules offer seamless integrations of data, business rules, reporting, user settings and more.

Outstanding support and customer service

The feedback is that our support and customer service are outstanding.

No more spreadsheet disasters.

Is managing multiple systems giving you a headache and taking up all your time? Nimblex takes away the pain of running a business or department with multiple systems and processes with our single, web-based platform that’s easy to use and simple to integrate.

  • Improve business processes
  • Speed up your manual data entry through automation.
  • Reduce human error
  • Develop a new application to store and use your data and reduce excel headaches

Did you know

Nimblex partners with one of the best e-tender solutions currently available on the Australian market – eProcure. The close integration touchpoint between Nimblex and eProcure offers a seamless user experience so that you can have the best of both worlds.

The team at EBMS have demonstrated their superior capability and responsiveness. They have successfully delivered a sophisticated and comprehensive Sourcing to Pay solution. With Nimblex, YVW is now equipped with a world class solution that enables a world class strategic procurement function.

Dominique Gibert
Manager Procurement and Accounts Payable
Yarra Valley Water

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