Integration Options

Nimblex offers a few options for integrating with other software systems:

    • Accessing a 3rd party API
    • Scheduled import from file
    • Accessing a 3rd party database directly
    • Standard Protocols
    • By Reference

Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. From hard earned experience we have learnt that it is very difficult to find a one size fits all approach, so we can look to partner with clients to implement integration that suits their needs.

API Based

For true seamless integration, we have implemented connectors with several software products. This requires knowledge of the other systems and may require obtaining assets of another Vendor to do.

We have implemented several connectors in the past:

    • TenderSearch e-Tender Portal
    • MailChimp
    • Atlassian JIRA
    • Exetel SMS gateway
    • TechnologyOne ECM
    • SMS Broadcast (SMS Gateway)
    • Oracle Peoplesoft Human Resource Management
    • CodeSafe QIN


File-based integration is a very basic form of integration. This has the benefit that it is generally very reliable, and very straight forward to set up without having to know about the internals of either system. As a simpler option, it often comes with a lower price tag.

A common scenario is to, on an hourly or daily basis, import data from a csv file generated by another system, or output our data in a format to be pulled into another system. We have implemented file-based integration for several clients in the past, for systems including:

    • Computron
    • TechnologyOne Financials
    • Civica Financials

Database Level

The direct route: to and from the database, is often a cost accessing data in another system on a real - time basis. In situations where no API exists or to spare the cost of accessing resources from multiple vendors, we can link straight into the database of other software to provide synchronisation.

    • Chris21 Human Resource Management
    • Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relat ionship Management

Standard Protocols

Using a well-defined standard or protocol - SAML, SMTP, iCAL or LDAP.

    • Active Directory
    • Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS)
    • Oracle Identity Manager (SSO provider )
    • Email
    • Calendar

By Reference

For some clients, all they need is a place to record an identifier for a document stored within another system. In these cases, it is very simple to add a custom field into a form.

For web-based systems, we can store a hyperlink that when clicked will take the user directly into the other system. Our ‘editable hyperlink’ control allows you to drag-and-drop a link from an email or website directly into the system.

A couple of example cases where we have used this method:

    • HP TRIM/HP Enterprise Records Manager
    • BluePoint
    • Objective/EDRMS/Document Management System
    • Step 1: Copy link from TRIM
    • Step 2: Paste link in the field. Users can click on the link which will take them to the record in TRIM.

About TRIM

As per the above, we use an editable hyper link to link between Nimblex and TRIM. This can be done with the last three versions of this product : TRIM, Record Manager, and ECM.

With EasyLink or similar

Our editable hyper link will work for any version of TRIM/RM/ECM subject to the client having specific TRIM URL handling  software. One example of this software is Kapish EasyLink.

Alternative Options

If a client doesn’t have this product, and/or is hesitant to pay the cost of this product, eBMS can offer an alternative adapter product that is less advanced than the Kapish product, but will allow the use of hyperlinks to TRIM.

This product, called LinkFactory (read more about it here)will work on any version of HP TRIM/RM/ECM that has the web service component included.



Nimblex has a plugin API that allows us to add customer specific functionality at a low cost and connect it in seamlessly with your Nimblex Forms.

Active Directory Integration

Nimblex Active Directory integration allows you to integrate your Nimblex system into your existing network authentication and authorisation infrastructure. You can synchronise accounts from Active Directory to Nimblex, as well as offload password management/authentication duties to Active Directory (AD). 

Single Sign On

Nimblex SAML2.0 Integration allows for Single Sign On with various SAML2.0 Identity Providers, including but not limited to:

    • Active Directory Federation Services
    • Azure Active Directory
    • Google’s G Suite