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Melbourne Airport – Contract Management Solution.

Project Overview:

Melbourne Airport welcomed more than 34 million passengers last year, and are expecting that number to reach more than 60 million passengers per year by 2033.

More than 14,000 people currently work at the airport, in industries as diverse as aviation, hospitality, freight and logistics, transport and retail.

Melbourne Airport is owned and operated by Australia Pacific Airports Melbourne Pty Limited (APAM), a wholly owned subsidiary of Australia Pacific Airports Corporation Limited (APAC).

Nimblex Solution: Contract Management


  • Melbourne Airport, owned by APAC was looking for contract management software, which is a contract repository and notification system for electronic copies of signed contracts.
  • Previously contracts were stored in multiple locations including: physical copies and various silo software solutions.
  • Legal Department would have employees approach when a contract was nearly due to expire, which involved tight deadlines as the procurement process can take several months.


  • Designed a contract management system, which took into account all relevant approvals and workflows to ensure the contract is completed, as per Melbourne Airport’s policy.
  • External portal designed for vendors to provide insurance certificates, track KPI’s and milestones.
  • Auto-population of certain template contracts, saving time for the legal department.
  • Private cloud hosted, enables easy scalability.


  • Centralised storage of all contracts within the Nimblex system. Employees are no longer walking around and storing physical copies of contracts.
  • Legal has greater capacity to focus on complex and large scale contracts, as Nimblex provides pre-approved templates by legal, for internal employees to use for small contracts, as well as preventing legal from being occupied with minor and administrative issues.
  • The Nimblex system captures the difference between Operational and Capital Expenses.
  • Nimblex generates the contract and pre-populates numerous fields, saving time and decreasing incomplete and incorrect fields.
  • Nimblex has taught users to be self-sufficient using the next step guide, which acts as a training manual.
  • Increased employee empowerment, as less dependant on the legal department for small contracts, leading to greater efficiency across the organisation.
  • Greater compliance and visibility of Melbourne Airports contract policies and processes.
  • The solution’s vendor portal has put the burdens of admin and compliance back on to vendors, saving the airport staff valuable time.

Nimblex provides Melbourne Airport with a complete, user friendly, end to end product that suits our diverse business operations – we have worked closely with the team at Nimblex and are very proud of the outcome.

Melbourne Airport

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