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Fire Rescue Victoria – Contract Management.

Project Overview:

The Fire Rescue Victoria (used to be called Metropolitan Fire Brigade) has 2,200 employees who provide fire and emergency services to almost three million Melbourne residents, workers and visitors, and safeguard assets and infrastructure worth billions of dollars. Services cover the metropolitan district, an area of more than 1,000 square kilometres.

Nimblex Solution: Contract Management 


  • Various individual spreadsheets were used to manage MFB contracts.
  • Some contracts kept getting rolled over, diverting attention away from the planning of new contracts. This came about due to the lack of control and governance. 
  • It was not clear who was responsible for actions that needed to be taken. 


  • Nimblex has built a contract register, providing a central web-based system for all relevant people to refer to.
  • The Nimblex Contract Management Solution provides real-time reporting on any information captured within the system, which offers much needed transparency and monitoring options for managers.
  • Any actions required by the contract can be allocated to a specific person in the system, allowing email alerts to be sent out to the person prior to the due date. 


  • Contracts are managed in one centralised location, which allows processes and procedures to be followed more easily. 
  • The new Nimblex solution eliminates double-handling and reliance on spreadsheets. 
  • Greater transparency of contact management status and vendor management.

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