Why you need a Discovery Session & Requirements Workshop?

  • Are you unsure about the scope and requirements of your project?
  • Having internal difficulties in gaining common ground about requirements?
  • Struggling to prioritise requirements correctly? 
  • Unable to get a price estimated because of uncertainty about requirements?

Then a Nimblex Discovery Session or Nimblex Requirements Workshop will provide clarity and set your project up for success. 

A successfully delivered software solution needs a detailed understanding of the business requirements before the design and development can commence. In many ways, this is similar to a construction project which first needs a surveyor to understand the site. 


What's in it for you and your team?

  • An accelerated process to gain clarity regarding the scope and high-level requirements of your project. 
  • Lower the risk for failure by offering the foundations you will need to move your project forward with confidence. 
  • Better budgeting, as you will know what the CAPEX and OPEX costs will be for your project. 
  • If you don't like our price, then you can take those documents to shop around with other vendors. 


"Companies with poor business analysis capability will have 3 x times as many project failures as successes." 

Michael Krigsman 


Discovery Session

Requirements Workshop


2 x Days Onsite* (4 hours per day)

4 Days Onsite* + 5 Days Technical Review (4 hours per day)


To facilitate a small group working session, which will define the direction and scope for your project.

The provision of a Price Estimate for your budget purposes.

To facilitate a workshop that will define and document your high-level requirements for your project.

The provision of a Fixed Price Proposal for your budget purposes.


An in-person, hands-on facilitated workshop, conducted over two days with key stakeholders, to gain a shared understanding, explore ideas and develop a vision for the project. These are the baby steps to help uncover the type of things an organisation might need to include in a custom software solution, and some of the pitfalls you might encounter. It will take you through the Discovery and Define stages. 

This workshop will build on the outcomes of the Nimblex Discovery Session.

It is a practical group session which will be facilitated and conducted over 4 days. It will take your group through the Discovery, Define, Prioritisation and Validation stages. It will be the ideal opportunity to confirm and discuss your high-level requirements with key stakeholders and users in a short time frame.


  • Define and explore the project's goals, problem statement and scope. 
  • Identification of business pain points and how they can be mitigated with software.
  • Determine roles, responsibilities and next steps.
  • A project scoping document that will enable you to receive a price estimate and will include the following: 

- In Scope: What the actual system will allow users to do and a Process Diagram to explain scope.

- List Out of Scope Items

- Integration Needs

- Data Migration Needs

- Hosting Needs

- Training Needs


What it's not: 

  • Not a high-level requirement gathering engagement. 
  • No longer than a week's engagement. 


  • Obtain detailed information surrounding relevant business processes.
  • Understand the high-level requirements from the current stakeholders. 
  • Determine the overall project business rules and constraints. 
  • Define workflows - for each workflow we look at how the user interacts with that workflow (the use cases). For each use case we look at what individual features in the software are required to make it happen (requirements). 
  • Rapidly elicit a set of functional requirements, detailing what the system must accomplish. 
  • A Business Requirements Document (BRD) containing the following information: 

- Current environment assessment

- Definition of relevant business terms

- Proposed system Use Cases 

- High Level Functional Requirements 

- Future process maps

- Recommend budget

- The BRD will enable you to receive a fixed price proposal


What it's not: 

  • Not a detailed functional requirement gathering engagement. 
  • No longer than a two-week engagement.

Your Workshop Team

Team Leader which could be your Business Analyst and Project Manager. Your Project Sponsor (optional).

Business Analyst, Project Manager, decision-making stakeholders and key end users.

Our Workshop Team

Nimblex Business Analyst, Nimblex Account Manager

Nimblex Business Analyst, Nimblex Account Manager

Why this option?

You have the need for a custom software solution.

You are worried about wasting money because you are:

  • Unsure about the scope, possibilities and requirements of your project. 
  • Having internal difficulties in gaining common ground about requirements. 
  • Unable to get a price estimate because of uncertainty about requirements. 

You have completed a Nimblex Discovery Session or have a well defined and clear project scoping document.

But you are stretched with resources and you:

  • Don't have a Business Analyst employed to complete your pre-project high-level requirements documentation. 
  • Unable to get a firm price proposal. This is because vendors need more detail before they can provide you with a price and you don't want to do the project on a Time and Materials approach. 

* For an average small to medium size organisation

* Price excluding travel costs