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Thursday June 4, 2015

Nimblex 5.0 Release Announcement .


3 minutes

Nimblex 5.0 focuses on improvements to the user experience, both cosmetic and functional.

User Interface Update

Nimblex Skin

We have spent considerable time and effort on modernising and updating the design of the Nimblex platform. We hope you will find it more visually appealing, as well as being more suited to differing display sizes, including mobile devices.


We are for the first time enabling system skinning, starting with the ability to change the colour scheme of your system navigation bar.

Tabular Report Control

A new control has been added, allowing for a tabular report to be embedded in an form. This extends our form reporting capabilities to include the enhanced Cross-Functional Reporting tools added in version 4.12. With this control we bring you the power to make much more user-friendly and powerful dashboards and portals, allowing users fast filtering and direct access to forms across your systems.

Screen View

EForms now default to a fully-inline ‘Screen’ view, which ignores paper sizes and shows all blocks in order, allowing a cleaner experience in browser. We have retained the classic ‘page-based’ view as a form of print preview. To switch between this new view and the ‘Print’ view, use the new Display Mode control button near the navigation controls.

Email Improvements

Email Configuration Override

If you wish to have Nimblex send emails from your own email account, this feature is now available on a per-system basis. You are also able to configure a single system to forward all emails to a set of testing accounts, which is very useful during development and test phases of an implementation project.

Email Outbox

Emails sent by a system are stored in a new Control Panel page that enables users with access to view the details of emails sent by the system – when they were queued for sending, when they were sent, the contents, and the triggering conditions for the email. Emails can be released or held for manual sending from this page.

Emails that cannot be sent immediately are stored in the outbox and queued to be sent a few minutes later, including temporary storage for attachments.

Mobile View (Beta)

A new intelligent system to adjust the layout of forms for responsive display on mobile devices is being tested. With Mobile View enabled, forms are dynamically re-organised into a responsive view. We cannot guarantee 100% functionality with this new feature, but are keen to have some users try it out. Please let us know if you have any interest in trying out this feature. Designers can enable this on a form-by-form basis.

Other New Features

  • Validation formula error strings
  • Administrator ability to end user lockouts
  • Tabular views default page size changed to 50
  • Template field validation
  • Extensions to Child List, Linked Record Button to support populating fields on new records
  • Arbitrary filtering of Child Lists
  • Categories in My Records (Formerly My EForms)
  • Full screen windows and menus for mobile mode

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Tristan Wilson

What is Nimblex?

Created in Australia, Nimblex is a cloud-based integrated business management platform that will deliver the business process automation you need.

We configure Nimblex’s Core solutions using our unique low-code tool and a wide variety of value-added features. This gives the flexibility that enables us to automate any type of process, especially if compliance and transparency are non-negotiables.

Our world class support team is ready to help.

1300 721 159

+61 3 9958 0000