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Monday October 19, 2015

Nimblex 5.1 Release Announcement .


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We are excited to announce the launch of Nimblex 5.1. For this version we have elected to have a strong focus on user experience and ease of use. Whereas Nimblex 5.0 had a small number of major changes, this version has a large number of small changes, and so this release announcement is a bit longer.

User Experience Improvements

Save Requirement

There are several controls in Nimblex that will only function effectively once the record has been saved for the first time. This includes child lists, attached documents, and anything that will generate a link back to the current record. In past, this has meant that a few controls are disabled (without obvious explanation) until you save for the first time.

Starting from 5.1, you will be able to use all controls from the moment you open a new record. When saving is required, you will be presented with a Yes/No option and then allowed to continue. We anticipate that this will cut down on user confusion in this area.

The inline attachments manager, and attached images controls have an updated ‘new record’ mode that makes it clear to a user that they will need to save before using them. They also include a large button in the middle to allow users to do this easily.

Changing Passwords

We have had some comments from users that the password changing functionality in Nimblex was too complex. In response we have done our best to rationalise the process.

Shown to the right are the new expired password page, Edit user account / My account settings page, and the popup dialog for same.

Updated Filter Editor

We have given our filter editor a substantial upgrade and a face lift. We believe you will find it nicer on the eyes, easier to understand and easier to use.

The new editor fully supports drag and drop, making it more flexible and simpler to use for new-comers.

Prettier Emails

We have updated our email system to use a simple template by default. We think that this just looks a bit nicer and makes the experience more pleasant for users. This can be turned off on an email by email basis if needed.

Simplified Access to the Audit Log

In a move to make life easier for administrators and investigators, we have added a shortcut to the record Tools menu. This button will take you to the Audit log filtered specifically for the record you are viewing. Here you can see the history of all activity that has occurred relating to the record.

Improvements to Mail-merge

We have enhanced mail-merge with support for lists and tables.

Pop-up Records

Several controls have been enhanced with the ability to open a record in a popup window, without navigating away. This can be very helpful for small child Forms.

This has been added to: Child List, Tabular Report Control, Add Record Button and a new control the Edit Record Button.

Columns in Child Tables

The Child List now supports the full set of columns functionality enjoyed by the Tabular Report control.

For Configuration Users

Repeater Block Headers and Footers

We have enhanced our RepeaterBlock feature with the addition of headers and footers. This allows you to more easily set up table structures and totals within a single block.

Shown right is a sample repeater with a 2 block header and 2 block footer, the same sample with some controls set to mockup an invoice, and the sample in action.

Formula Evaluator within Designer

You can now test your formulas within the Form Designer. This evaluator appears in the Preview tab of the Designer. Using this you test your formulas within a live record.

And More

  • Parent scroll position maintained when opening a child (and returning)
  • Ability to specify background colour for ReportingTable cells (in formulas)
  • Buttons now using Nimblex theme styling
  • EForm design comparison tool (Control Panel)
  • Button events added to Intelligence Snapshot report
  • Improvements for long table column names
  • PDF exporting for nested tables in Tabular Report
  • Errors more noticable in ImportWedge
  • New formula functions
  • Supervisor field is now a dropdown of users
  • Ability to change quicklink IDs (for data migration purposes)
  • DatePicker now supports style attributes
  • Tab to indent in formula editors
  • Case expression added to filter language
  • Ability to use Active Directory for authentication without synchronising
  • Sorting on remote tables
  • Aggregates on ChildTable and TabularReportControl

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