We are excited to announce the launch of Nimblex version 5.2, which brings a number of beta features to full release, along with some improvements to existing features.

Here are some feature highlights:


Radar Charts

Support for a new type of charting has been added, allowing Nimblex systems to generate and display Radar Charts.


Better Tabular Report Colours

Tabular Report Profiles and the Tabular Report Control now support Filter-driven row colouring rules, enabling users to create their own colour-coded reports.


RecordID Sequencing

RecordIDs are now driven by an underlying database sequence. As such you can now specify the ‘next’ RecordID to be allocated, and reuse of RecordIDs will not occur unintentionally. This new change is the first step on the road to other features related to the record lifecycle. This change also has positive performance implications in reducing some database locking that was previously occurring.

Other Changes

  • Sorting in Remote Table Columns for Cross-functional Tabular Reports
  • New Button Tasks to insert and remove rows from Repeater Blocks
  • Rich Label Event Handlers allowing on-click events for label links and buttons
  • New options for formatting in Reporting Tables
  • Support for Mailmerge documents and improved support for exported record PDFs in email notifications
  • Reporting Bar Chart date range filtering improvements
  • Performance and stability improvements related to saving records
  • Support for multi-select fields to be used in filtering
  • Delete Records from Child Table
  • Improvements to PDF export for large blocks
  • Support for Nimblex instances to be keyed by subdomains
  • Additional granularity in user permissions system (super admins)
  • Automatically-generated thumbnails and image reorientation for Image Gallery Control
  • Image Gallery popup button control
  • Rendering improvements for mobile devices