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Thursday June 30, 2016

Nimblex 5.3 Release Announcement .

3 minutes

Guest Users

You can now create Guest User accounts, giving restricted system access to people outside your organisation, and be confident that they don’t have any more access than you explicitly grant them. This lets you retain the privacy, confidentiality and security of your system, while giving them a window into data that you need them to access. Guest accounts could be used when you need to grant someone temporary access for a process such as a site induction or an audit. This could be vendors, contractors, or even members of the public.

These accounts can be created at the touch of a button within a form or scheduled event, allowing the accounts to be integrated into an automated process, without having someone manually manage them.

* Note: the user will still need access to the web application (I.e through your firewall if on-site), as this is an application security measure.

Tabular Reports: Drag and Drop Column Editor

The column editor in tabular reports is now much easier to use:

You can drag and drop columns to re-order them. You can also specify an ‘Alias’ or a preferred name for a column, making reports easier to understand for your users.

We have also added a new column type: the Advanced Column. This column lets you specify any kind of filter expression, e.g. 1 + 1, or ([DateLastUpdated] – [DateCreated]). As you may imagine, this can give you a lot of power to put useful information into your reports that previously would have been quite difficult.

Other improvements:

  •  Improved PDF Export
  •  Tabular Reports: Improved Quick Filters (Allow Ranges)
  •  Save Conflict Display
  •  Click to Drilldown on Reports
  •  Basic support for integration with Google Analytics, Zendesk, and more
  •  Spreadsheet Import Control
  •  Single Sign-On with Active Directory
  •  New EditableWebLink control, with drag drop support
  •  Refresh button for ReportingTable
  •  New system field: DateDue
  •  Ability to do cross-form lookups within filter string
  • Notification Task: Option to queue email rather than immediate sending
  •  Ability to hide the New Record button
  •  Multiple editing of formats
  •  Improved Wedges with xml format records, attachments and record linkages
  •  Saving a new record updates the browser URL, making back button much safer to use in general
  •  Allow inactive / active status for a user account
  •  Target references support in all ‘FieldValues’ situations
  •  Tabular Report – Use date pickers for filtering date columns
  •  Local column references in filter strings ([Local].[FieldName])
  •  Default Value and Default Formula for Transient (not stored in DB) columns – Execute on record load
  •  Enhanced Mail-merge with a basic expression syntax
  •  Add a basic string truncation function to the filter language (LEFT)
  •  Make repeater blocks automatically expand when you overassign (or underassign) their columns in a ChangeFieldValuesTask
  •  Additional email debug options/modes
  •  Validation improvements – validation groups, validate at different times in record lifecycle
  •  LoadOnDemandDropDown is now stylable
  •  AllColumns intrinsic profile no longer filters on LineNumber=1

Tristan Wilson

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