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Thursday April 6, 2017

Nimblex 5.4 Release Announcement .

4 minutes

Nimblex version 5.4 consolidates and improves many of our existing features, particularly in the areas of data orthogonality, security and search. During release, there will be a brief period of system downtime while we update the software.

Here are some feature highlights:

Search Record Files and Search on SQL Server Systems

We have implemented the Lucene search library for all systems, allowing for greater control over the search mechanism in development. Previous versions of search have required the use of a database-specific feature, so now users of the TSQL database system may enjoy searching their Nimblex systems. In addition we have implemented indexing of certain file types (PDF, text, Word) attached to records, so text within these files can be searched.

Please note that some entries may take a few minutes to have their updated content added to the search index.

EForm Design Revisions

As of 5.4 release, any changes made to an EForm design are saved in a special revisions table, including the optional change description entered by the editor. These revisions can be opened and viewed by system builders, enabling them to revert unwanted changes or review past iterations of the form.

Integration using JSON API

A new API has been developed to allow Nimblex systems to receive and execute external commands via JSON calls.

Access Control Lists

EForm Designers may now build general-purpose permissions groups called Access Control Groups, which may be assigned to multiple fields and attachment folders. This is useful for defining access levels in a form without needing to change a filter on every column when the permissions are updated. This also allows for more precise record-level permissions rules for access to these fields and attachment folders.

Performance Improvements

The team has implemented some new techniques for improving performance, specifically around reporting and formula evaluation.

Expanded Info Text

For our Info Button control, a new popup window option has been added for extra-long explanatory text in addition to the existing mouse-over tooltip.

Download All Record Files

A new option has been added to the Attachments window in the record panel’s “Tools” menu, which downloads all record attachments as a zip file.

Maintenance Mode

To ensure that regular users are unable to make changes during deployment of intensive changes, a new option has been added to lock regular users out during Maintenance Mode. An optional explanatory message will be displayed when users are prevented from logging in during this time.

Tabular Report Record Link Columns

For reports which require links to other records, this new column type allows you to specify which records to select, and how to specify the link text.

Role References

To improve auditing and traceability, the system fields Assignee, Originator and Sender will be converted to a new “Role Reference” data type, which matches to a unique user ID. With this update, we will populate a list of “deleted users” for usernames missing from the list of current users. With this new feature, replaced or renamed user accounts can be tracked so as to avoid data damage.

Delete Records Page Update

We’ve added some new features to our Delete Records page, to enable safer deletion of records. It is now a requirement that users specify a range of RecordIDs to delete. Additionally, a “Validate” step has been added which offers downloads of the targeted records to review the range and archive the data.

Placeholder Text

Textboxes can now display “placeholder” text, for prompting users to enter something into the field when the textbox is empty.

New Record Permissions

Permissions rules can now be applied to new records, allowing record creation to be restricted to certain conditions.

Other Changes

Along with these headline changes, a number of smaller changes have been made:

  • Improvements to EForm Intelligence Snapshot for designers
  • Support for specialized file import functions in the Spreadsheet Importer control
  • Wedge Exports can now include Public files
  • Manage Roles page in Control Panel shows more information in the list
  • New button task to attach files to a record
  • Guest users can be created in the Control Panel
  • Default formulas for repeater block fields will run when adding a new row
  • A new meta EForm has been added, “sys.Roles”, which includes Guest and Group roles and a column specifying their role type
  • …And many more!

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Our world class support team is ready to help.

1300 721 159

+61 3 9958 0000