Our Technical Director, Stuart Murray, gives us a sneak preview of a few of the updated functions in Nimblex 6.


We always make sure to maintain 100% compatibility between versions of the platform, so we expect upgrades to be painless. Occasionally we do make a decision to remove unpopular or otherwise undesirable functionality, but we always ensure that there is a better option that can be switched to with little effort.

This is our new login screen:


Updated Controls

This is our new date picker:


We’ve updated the appearance and usability of many of our controls.

Audit Report

We have implemented a better audit log:


Control Panel

The control panel has been significantly cleaned up and revamped, moving items into categories on the sidebar:


You can now manage your users and their group memberships within a single screen.

User Details

As an often requested feature, we have also added the option of having a user’s phone number field included.



Stuart Murray
Technical Director


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