The Services We Offer

Discovery Session & Requirements Workshop

If you’ve decided to use the Nimblex Platform, but you are unsure about the high-level requirements, scope, the buy-in from your team, cost and many more issues which can muddy the waters, then a Discovery Workshop for you.

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Nimblex Implementation Services

Our BRIDGE implementation approach is used when implementing our Core solutions.

Our SIMPLE implementation approach is for our custom or highly configured solutions.

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Nimblex offers extensive training to ensure that users are equipped to use the system to its full potential. To read all about the Delivery of Training, the Training Resources and Re-training, click on the button below.

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Integration Services

Being able to integrate with other software solutions, such as accounting systems, is a crucial feature to enable an organisation to work holistically and not in disconnected silos. Nimblex has strong integration capabilities and uses a variety of methods depending on the situation.

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