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NRMA Parks + Resorts – ERP Solution.

Project Overview:

NRMA Parks + Resorts provides a wide range of services to the caravan park industry and has successfully operated under a multiple facilities model for over 20 years. NRMA Parks + Resorts has expanded over that time and is currently managing parks and resorts throughout various states in Australia.

NRMA Parks + Resorts’ successes further heightened the need to maintain and track the number of key performance indicators (KPIs) across their complete operation and various disciplines.

Nimblex Solution: HR, Incident, Safety, Contract, Operational Management and Financial Reporting (Custom)


Previously, NRMA Parks + Resorts relied heavily on outdated databases and multiple spreadsheets that were going to limit their ability to improve processes as they grow as an organisation. They realised that the opportunity to further improve their service delivery was limited by their current use of multiple spreadsheets and outdated databases.

In order to maintain the successful management of a larger number of holiday parks across Australia, NRMA Parks + Resorts needed to have control over all their parks in terms of OH&S, Risk, Compliance, Quality Control, Facility Management and Operational activities.

This left them with two options: get more administrative staff on board, or invest in a system that would help them manage their resources more efficiently and with more flexibility in the long-term to cope with their ever-changing responsibilities and requirements.

They made a decision to go with the latter and started looking around for flexible and affordable systems that could grow with them as an organisation.


Nimblex created a comprehensive Custom Solution tailored to NRMA Parks + Resorts’ requirements. This included HR, Incidents & Safety, Sales, Operational, Project, Marketing and Business Management as well as Finance.

The Custom Solution includes automated workflow and reporting, allowing each holiday resort and caravan park to gain access to the Nimblex Custom Solution to log incidents/risk issues as well as operational checklists. They do this at their convenience through the use of their iPads, mobile devices, desktops and tablets, allowing them to gain greater mobility and keep critical records updated.

As a result of Nimblex’s integrated solutions, they were empowered to get real-time management information, quick reporting and improve action management from the head office in order to deliver better services to their parks.


  • The current platform is contributing to the excellent service delivery by NRMA Parks + Resorts and adding to their competitive advantage within the resort market.
  • Management and staff are more efficient, spending less time navigating their way through spreadsheets and paper forms.  The flexible reporting capability within Nimblex allows them to better demonstrate to park owners and stakeholders the quality and value they is bringing. No longer are they only bringing management know-how, but robust systems and improved compliance to ensure risks, expenses and revenues are well managed.
  • Nimblex has also given NRMA Parks + Resorts the ability to grow their business while knowing that their management systems will better facilitate the growth (e.g. more parks, more staff, more checklists, more incidents, etc).
  • Part of their culture is innovation and improvement. Nimblex fits seamlessly into their strategy to increase the usage of handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets for real-time data capturing.
  • The NRMA Parks + Resorts Custom Solution has seen numerous enhancements being seamlessly applied to the current system without service interruptions. A recent enhancement has been the introduction of an automated on-site induction process for both employees and contractors with automatic reminders when these inductions need to be updated and notifications if they have expired.

NRMA Parks + Resorts is a great example where Nimblex has delivered ‘big system features at small system prices’ while adding to improvement in productivity.

Our 28 Holiday Parks all over Australia are now more productive and effectively ‘talk to each other’ – thanks to the robust, tailored and flexible centralised Nimblex system that enables all our staff to gain access to real-time information, no matter where they are. It has also saved us significant time across the organisation by streamlining and automating processes, eliminating double handling and giving us one source of business truth. The team at Nimblex are great to deal with, nothing is too much trouble and they really know their stuff.

Chris Beaumont
Chief Information Officer
ATPM (now NRMA Parks + Resorts)

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