EBMS Nimblex joins VendorPanel, creating a world class Source-to-Pay procurement suite

The Nimblex Platform.

Painless digital transformation with low-code web-based solutions

Since 2010, Nimblex has been creating software solutions that automate paper processes and spreadsheets using low code automations and purpose built workflow solutions.

What is Nimblex?

Created in Australia, Nimblex is a cloud-based integrated business management platform that will deliver the business process automation you need.

We configure Nimblex’s Core solutions using our unique low-code tool and a wide variety of value-added features. This gives the flexibility that enables us to automate any type of process, especially if compliance and transparency are non-negotiables.

Benefits of Nimblex.

The Nimblex development method has an emphasis on user-defined elements as we strive to create what you envision. Our software is modular and can be scaled up and changed as your business grows, giving you a long solution life span. Read more how Nimblex can help your organisation to thrive and make you look good.

Why you need Nimblex.

We’re different at Nimblex.

We’re passionate, enthusiastic and love a laugh. But more importantly, we speak your language and make your business transformation journey easy. We listen, we learn your business and partner with you so we can help you optimise your business today and in the future.

Features explained.

Nimblex is a feature-rich platform that is used as a base to create, configure and operate management solutions. It offers a host of features useful for building management systems. Our team of developers is constantly working on improving and adding to the features toolbox to give your solutions superior performance.

Reporting, tracking and dashboard capabilities.

Data is just data if it’s not presented in a useful way. For you to use data to make informed business decisions, you need to extract meaning from the stats and numbers, or in other words, have management data at your fingertips.

In the cloud.

Work with freedom anywhere, any time with cloud hosting. Nimblex is a web-based platform that can be used on any device that has an active Internet connection through any of the major browsers.

System and data security.

Your data is at the heart of your organisation, and keeping it safe should be a top priority. We understand this and make sure all the necessary systems are in place to give you peace of mind.

Our world class support team is ready to help.

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