Procurement and Contract Manager.

Nimblex will give you management data and reporting at your finger tips, all in real-time.

Have you ever considered digitising the way you like to work? This will help you achieve your work goals, satisfy your senior management and further establish your brand for excellence.

Nimblex’s Core Procurement and Contract Management module will help you to improve your Department’s baseline productivity by almost 40% while staying compliant and in step with the changes in policies and reporting demands.

Are you struggling with

Being dependent on spreadsheets for procurement or contract management activities?

Regular changes to procedures, policy and management requirements?

People not following the correct processes within your organisation?

A high workload and not enough time in the day?

How we will help you.

Remember, we don’t write any code and the solutions we offer are super flexible due to our unique ‘drag-and-drop’ way of configuration. This means that we can listen more and focus on what success will look like for you. We can easily include your ideas, suggestions and requirements to deliver a best-fit solution.

We offer a complete and integrated end-to-end Procurement and Contract Management solution including an online e-tender box (eProcure). The flexibility of Nimblex will also ensure that your solution is future-proof for any changes you might envisage. Our experience, support and client service will help you to succeed Nimblex will give you management data and reporting at your finger tips, all in real-time.

Nimblex Platform has provided us with a level of efficiency and flexibility in automating our key business processes that we haven’t found anywhere else.’

Peter Whitmarsh
Contracts Administrator,
City of Wodonga

No more spreadsheet disasters.

Is managing multiple systems giving you a headache and taking up all your time? Nimblex takes away the pain of running a business or department with multiple systems and processes with our single, web-based platform that’s easy to use and simple to integrate.

  • Improve business processes
  • Speed up your manual data entry through automation.
  • Reduce human error
  • Develop a new application to store and use your data and reduce excel headaches

Why Procurement and Contract Managers like dealing with us.

Local, local expertise

We are fully Australian made and owned with no technical expertise outsourced overseas, e.g. support centres, R&D, solution configuration or development.

Flexible and nimble

The value of continuous business improvement and the flexibility of Nimblex allow for easy implementation of improvements to your solutions to gain increased efficiencies.

Lower risk of fraud and corruption

Nimblex helps to lower the risk of fraud and corruption, and the damage that does.

Future-proof solutions

The adaptability of Nimblex ensures that each solution is future-proof due to the use of low-code development.

Increased productivity to focus on strategic projects

With increased productivity and more time on your hands, you can finally focus on those strategic projects and optimisation rather than spending hours analysing data and updating spreadsheets.

Outstanding support and customer service

The feedback is that our support and customer service go beyond expectation and are truly excellent.

Client Success Stories.

Metropolitan Fire Brigade – Contract Management

The Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) has 2,200 employees who provide fire and emergency services to almost three million Melbourne residents, workers and visitors, and safeguard assets and infrastructure worth billions of dollars.

Mount Alexander Shire Council – Procurement & Contract Management

Mount Alexander Shire Council is a local government area in central Victoria, Australia with approximately 220 staff.

Nexans Olex – Quotation Management

Nexans Olex is one of Australia’s largest manufacturers of electrical cables with more than 75 years of experience.

Our world class support team is ready to help.

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