Management Data at Your Fingertips

Flexible Tabular Reports, Charting Reports and Dynamic Dashboards with Filters

Our easy to understand Report Creator is used to build portfolios of reports, including drill-down, charting and dashboards, giving you management information at your fingertips. 

We build a set of standard reports that can be configured, however, our creation tools are simple to use and users can be trained to build their own reports. Our report creation tools are simple to use, and most users interrogate their report data using the Nimblex Platform and not external report tools.

You can also share reports with your colleagues giving them ‘read’ or ‘write’ privileges. If needed, you can export your reports into Excel or CSV files for further processing.

Drill Down to Source Data

Nimblex offers a wide variety of charting and graphical views for reports and dashboards. When viewing real-time data in a dashboard, users also want to see the source data for a specified chart. Nimblex allows for the configuration of charts and dashboards, so when you click on a section of a graph (which represents a particular value), you will be able to drill down to the source data behind the unique value section.


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Table Tabs

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Tabular Reports

Part of the eBMS configuration service is to provide you with the key reports you need for your solution. The Nimblex Platform also offers the configuration of ad-hoc reports by end users through the use of the Report Configurator.

Tabular reports come with a wide variety of configuration options. It also allows you to use advanced or quick filters. Users can create drill-down reports, enabling them to view data from a ‘big picture view’ and then to drill down to the source data. This can be done through the use of drag-and-drop report creation; there is no need for writing SQL queries or difficult formulas.

Tabular reports can also be configured to indicate escalations, importance or certain status rules through colour.-coding.

Drag-and-Drop Column Creation

The tabular report creator also makes use of drag-and-drop functionality, which makes it easy to select the correct data columns, and to display them in the correct order in your tabular report.

Cross-functional Tabular Reporting

The Nimblex Platform can report data from other eForms. This allows users to see all related data in a tabular report.

We call it ‘cross -functional reporting’, which enables the user to create report stories on data which is located in different eForms, i.e. you can report across different input forms. Also, you can report on every input entry in a form e.g. dropdown, text, tick-box, etc.

Quick Filters

To search for a small number of records in a large list, users can employ a quick filter. When you define a filter, you are laying out a set of criteria which must match your results.

The platform provides a powerful filtering tool for users to construct extremely precise filters. When a filter is applied to a set of data, each record in the original data set is passed through the filter. Every record that suits the filter criteria is displayed in the result set; other records are not displayed. In short, filtering allows you to find a needle (your desired data) in a haystack (the entire set of data).

Bar Graphs

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Charting Reports

Part of the base functionality of the Nimblex Platform is the creation of charting reports by the end user. Users will use the Charting Report Configurator to achieve this, and once completed, will be able to export each report to a PNG file or share it with colleagues.


eBMS builds dashboards with filters and alerts as per client requirements. This ensures real-time data is used to monitor and track, for example, KPI’s and key driver indicators based on client needs.

Due to drag-and-drop ‘playdough’ configuration, the questions to clients are always:

“What are the reports you wish to see?” and

“How do you want to use the reports?”

So, you have the management data required at your fingertips. We configure our dashboards to include your desired filter criteria, e.g. reports can be run based on selected date periods or any other filter selection.

Dashboards can be configured to enable users to drill down into source data if they wish to further explore a certain reporting outcome. Moreover, all the reports can be in real-time.


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Reports within eForm Templates

The Nimblex Platform offers the capability of creating visual reports within eForms.  For example, the tracking of vendor performances, comparing tender scores, payments for a particular contract, etc.

Reports within Landing or Entry Portals

When a user enters the Nimblex Platform, there may be key issues or report scenarios they wish to see at first glance. Nimblex landing portals can be configured to provide the correct visual reports and landing tables as needed.


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Colour-coded Tracking

Monitor and Track Outcomes

Through the use of conditional formatting, the Nimblex Platform can be configured to track various statuses or escalations within an eForm based on a triggered value or approval. Once the status or stage has changed, it can be set to trigger a certain workflow, reminders or any other actions and communications needed. It is also easy within the Nimblex Platform to report on the various statuses of records.