Nimblex is easy to configure, but good testing is essential.

The beauty of Nimblex Internet-enabled applications (i.e. tailored management solutions) is that it’s easy to add value with configured features, real-time tracking, and other capabilities which our platform offers.

But with this flexibility comes new responsibilities for testing the "integrity" of applications in real-time situations. For instance, if employees are using mobile devices powered by Nimblex, you can no longer assume a stable in-office environment in which these applications will be used. You might have to get out of the office and visit typical locations where your users will need to use their Nimblex Platform on their mobile devices.

EBMS will always conduct comprehensive testing to the best of our capabilities, but we do rely heavily on our users to conduct the necessary testing within their work environments.

Here are 10 things to consider if you are testing a new management application within environments and usability challenges that you can’t readily foresee in your test lab.

Process Improvement 04 - 10 Tips for Testing Your Nimblex Applications for the Real World