Are you looking to implement a Procurement and Contract Management Solution?

Before Selecting a New Procurement and Contract Management Solution Ask Yourself:

  • Do compliance and governance requirements 'drive you crazy'?
  • Does the idea of contract managers going on leave strike terror into your organisation?
  • Do you spend hours pulling together data, reporting the status of your various contracts?
  • Do non-compliance issues keep you awake at night?
  • Can the system flex around the way you wish to work?

Client Testimonials

“Nimblex has helped us to achieve a level of productivity and efficiency that we have never seen before. The level of customisation and ease-of-use is second to none. This has resulted in BCS having the ability to better contribute to our community.”

Julie Gorrell, Senior Advisor - People and Culture, Belconnen Community Service

“Nimblex assisted us with planning and structure for our contracts register. Now with a good tracking system we are able to record, remind and report with ease. Excellent service received from the eBMS team by turning ATSE's complexity into simplicity. Thanks eBMS.”

Lyn Pagoda, Office Administrator and Project Support, Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE)

“eBMS has created a solution to best fit our budget and functional requirement.”

Graeme Gilmore, Procurement Manager, Central Goldfields Shire Council