Key Elements for the Creation of a Lean Office

To create a Lean Office, you will need three key elements:

  • Moving from task to strategic activities
  • The elimination or improvement of ineffective processes that:
    • are in alignment to the goals of your organisation
    • contain new ways of doing things to achieve the desired shift in performance
    • eliminate time wasters and streamlined non-value activities so that your staff can
    • focus more effectively on required, and value added, activities
  • The required activities need to be automated to the fullest extent possible.
  • Problems and obstacles creating performance issues need to be resolved.

Client Testimonials

“eBMS Nimblex has increased and improved our efficiency by more than 40% and we are much better organised as a department.”

Aven Eddington, Principal OHS Consultant, Frankston City Council

“We are experiencing a high return of value for our Nimblex investment.”

Corinne Farley, Contracts Coordinator, Macedon Ranges Shire Council

“eBMS has created a solution to best fit our budget and functional requirement.”

Graeme Gilmore, Procurement Manager, Central Goldfield Shire Council

How to Create a Lean Office