Getting the Most Out of Your Business Practices

In business we know that you have goals to achieve, KPI’s to reach, outcomes to manage and expectations to meet. As a manager it’s your role to oversee, track, monitor, delegate, manage, make sure you can demonstrate compliance, progress or improvements, etc.

This often results in increased levels of anxiety, stress and being unhappy at work, etc, while trying to synchronize and manage the following:

PLANS - visions and objectives of what is expected to be achieved by you and your team

PEOPLE - your staff, and how to effectively manage up and down the hierarchy

POLICY - how to deliver, in line with INTENT, STANDARDS, GOVERNANCE and RULES of your organisation, such as customer service policy and procurement policy

PROCESSES - the behaviour and end-to-end steps within your value chain (what, who, where, when), in accordance with your policies

PROCEDURES - the prescribed work instructions to execute a task or activity, the ‘how to’ steps

PERFORMANCE - the KPIs you need to achieve in order to discuss that next a rise

The characteristics and nature of the above list differs from various industries and from one organisation to the next.

Our ‘Kicking Goals’ article can show you how you can eliminate the negative pressures and become more ‘front footed’. It will also show you how can you strengthen your daily capabilities, increase your personal output capacity and add value as never before.

Client Testimonials

“eBMS Nimblex has increased and improved our efficiency by more than 40% and we are much better organised as a department.”

Aven Eddington, Principal OHS Consultant, Frankston City Council

“We are experiencing a high return of value for our Nimblex investment.”

Corinne Farley, Contracts Coordinator, Macedon Ranges Shire Council

“eBMS has created a solution to best fit our budget and functional requirement.”

Graeme Gilmore, Procurement Manager, Central Goldfield Shire Council

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