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Our Risk Management solution simplifies the various methods for defining, assessing and monitoring strategic, compliance and operational risks and workplace hazards, while focusing on the impact on your organisation and the tracking of responses. We use your own risk assessment matrix or our suggested matrix, and our design considers leading-edge risk management standards (e.g. ISO 31000).


We recognise the complexity of systematically identifying and managing risks across your processes, people, projects and technology within your organisation.  There are many Risk Management solutions on the market which require users to change their ideal way of working to fit the framework and flow of a particular risk software package. However, we appreciate that organisations have different needs, multiple decision-makers and may wish to align risk management with their processes and systems which may be unique to the business.
The other issue is that many out-of-the-box risk management solutions can be complicated and therefore may not match the level of maturity for your organisation.
The molding capability and flexibility of Nimblex allow you, as your organisation’s subject matter expert, to implement a solution that fits the requirements of managing risk, and also correctly calibrates to your organisation’s risk maturity.
The flexibility of Nimblex allows you to take your people on a journey of maturing the way risk is managed and allows for different user views – from the risk experts to the various business teams. This means you dream it and we configure it.


We can start from scratch to create your unique Risk Management solution. This means that everything can be customised – and we mean everything. But to give you an idea and to allow you to dream about your ideal solution, here are examples of the activities within risk management that will be tailored to best fit your needs.

Benefits of Nimblex that clients love.

Risk Identification 

Our system allows you to ensure all risk information is correctly captured across the various “listening posts” in your organisation, through the use of custom forms or data uploads allowing for current and emerging risk information to be analysed (e.g customer complaints, incidents, control issues etc).
The capability to upload photos or images will further assist your staff to describe the relevant risk clearly, especially where it involves a physical asset or a workplace health and safety issue. These photos can be taken using a mobile device and uploaded directly into the forms as needed.

Risk Analysis and Evaluation 

This is an essential area which differs from client to client, as every organisation can rate risks differently, or take different aspects into consideration when they analyse risks. We will customise your solution to best suit your risk management framework and proceduresMultiple obligations, risk causes and their consequences can be captured or prepopulated from a cause library tailored to your unique requirements.


Responding to your risks and having a healthy control environment is an important action taken by organisations, which is intended to proactively manage, reduce or eliminate risks. Our Nimblex Risk Management solution enables users to categorise their controls based on various types (e.g Preventative, Detective or Corrective) and hierarchy (e.g Critical, Primary, Secondary or Compensating). It will also allow you to build a controls library which correctly represents your ideal way of working. It will link controls to obligations or causes with reports showing which controls relate to which causes or obligations.
Your solution can be configured so that treatments can be correctly raised and proactively managed as per your preferred method which includes reminders, escalations and reporting.


The corrective action area can be configured to ensure the appropriate tracking and collaboration is being achieved to ensure effective management and reporting.

Includes all the Nimblex Platform features.



Let’s talk to your other systems using our JSON API, to manage and maintain user and department structures, to eliminate the need for redundant maintenance in multiple different systems.

Data Import and Export tools

Nimblex makes it easy to onboard or exit with your data by using the Nimblex import and export capability. This tool supports CSV files and MS Excel files (also our XML format).

File based integration

Nimblex offers the ability to use standard file formats, common to the applications you need to integrate with e.g. CSV and Excel. The Nimblex data scheduler can be set to import data to Nimblex or export from Nimblex to a designated file directory.

Active Directory Integration

Active Directory (AD) provides a single point from which administrators can manage network resources and their associated security objects.

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Flexible Data Capture Forms

Complex database schemas can be created within Nimblex. The highly flexible data capturing forms (called eForms) offers all the standard database input capabilities and more. All this can be shaped to best fit your exact process story, through the use of Nimblex drag and drop tools.

Electronic Signatures

The Nimblex Platform works with electronic data stamp signatures. The capability to press an approval button is subject to the user’s security and workflow settings. It can also be configured to show an approval or rejection log with the same form.

Email Notifications

Use Nimblex to send automated reminders, notifications or escalation messages. Emails can be triggered by predetermined business rules and the content can be articulated as needed. Nimblex sends email notifications directly to internal or external users’ Gmail, Outlook or Lotus Notes inboxes.

Support and learning Portal

Our Nimblex Support services include lodging a support request, calling our dedicated support line and our online nimblex.help directory and learning portal. Clients rave about our support performances and rapid turnaround.

Business intelligence and Analytics

Nimblex offers a wide variety of charting and graphical views for reports and dashboards. Users can view real-time data and see the source data behind a unique value section. Report views can be configured with various filters to interrogate data as needed.

Mobile Capability

Every Nimblex eForm can be activated as a desktop or mobile view. Compatible with all internet browsers, e.g. Google, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Yahoo, Safari, etc.

images and video

Nimblex can be your ‘single source of truth’ by loading videos and images against data, to support a certain context or serve as evidence.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Users will find it super easy to log into Nimblex using SSO using SML. It elimiates the time spend re-entering passwords by the same user, for multiple software including Nimblex.

Document Creation

Nimblex can automatically pre-populate the designed MS Word template with the approved information. This is great for contracts, letters, reports, etc. Once created, it can be exported as a PDF or MS Word doc. This will save you time, reduce admin errors and ensure greater standardisation of documentation.

Document Attachment

Nimblex allows users to upload documents to a particular record or a particular section of a record. This enables you to use Nimblex as your ‘single source of truth’.

Business Rules

Nimblex’s automated business rules can be set to activate, based on certain conditional triggers. It brings a type of robotic capability, by allowing the set up of simple (and complex) if-then scenarios,  which is much easier to maintain compared to hard coded rules.

Public forms and Visitor Portals

Nimblex offers eForms and Portals with public or guest user permissions. Public forms allows random people to complete a Nimblex data form as published, for example on your website.

Audit Trail

Nimblex gives you the ability to follow records back to their origin. Helping you achieve greater transparency, assist with compliance, record integrity and accuracy, system protection from misuse or harm, and the security of sensitive or vital information.

Dynamic Workflows

Nimblex drives sequential actions via the use of buttons (i.e. manual workflow) or the automated transitioning of a record via specified process steps. These steps are triggered by business rules as defined by various conditions (i.e. automated workflow).

Job Scheduling

The scheduling of assets (e.g. vehicles, equipment etc) or events (e.g. jobs, deliveries, inspections etc) can easily be planned, managed and tracked using Nimblex’s job scheduling calendar view. This will make tracking jobs easier, save resources, increase productivity and ensure greater transparency for improved reliability.

QR Codes and Barcodes

Nimblex now supports generating barcodes (EAN-13 and EAN-8). Use this capability for tracking and managing real world objects, such as assets, product items or samples. Control the data that needs to be published via a QR code.

Plug & Play


Send out pre-approved documents in a secure way from Nimblex to be digitally signed by the correct person, in the correct sequence using DocuSign. No more postage, stacks of paper or misunderstandings regarding signatures.

QIN Offline App

QIN is an online or offline mobile App which synchronises seamlessly with Nimblex. Allowing workers in the field or on-site to complete and submit forms (e.g. job completion reports, time sheets, etc), or watch instructional, induction or refresher training videos, online or offline.


Nimblex integrates seamlessly with eProcure, Australia’s best eprocure platform to promote and process all your ‘go-to-market’ activities, incuding RFTs, RFQs and RFIs.

Xero and MYOB

Nimblex is not an accounting system, but we can automate any operational process relating to job or task management, that may lead to generating an invoice or raising a purchase order. At the desired process step, it will push data to Xero or MYOB.

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Link with other Nimblex Solutions.

Using Nimblex to create your custom Purchase Order Management module will be even more powerful when combined with Nimblex Procurement or Contract Management modules (Custom or Core).


We offer 3 hosting options:

  • Public Cloud
  • Private Cloud (Based out of Azure)
  • On-Site (Client Hosted)

All data is hosted within Australia, irrespective of which option you select.

Save time with low code.

Nimblex solutions are built using low-code development, which offers:

  • Rapid, cost-effective solution creation and deployment
  • Innovative, adaptable perfect-fit solutions
  • Future-proof, agile systems and that can quickly respond to change demand
  • Increased self-service by empowering “citizen developers”

Read more about No-code vs Low-code vs Hand-code.

The implementation of our Nimblex system has seen a vast improvement in our organisation’s intelligence through process efficiencies and business reporting. The product was custom designed around our critical processes, is user friendly and most customisation, including day-to-day improvements to the system, can be performed by an internal employee. This is incredibly beneficial given the frequently changing environment we operate in.

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