If you are a C-Suite or Senior Manager

Is your performance hampered by:

  • Not having real-time reporting information due to the over dependence on spreadsheets?
  • People not following the correct process or procedures within your organisation?
  • Big and costly Enterprise systems which demand you change processes to fit their prescribed way of working and not having the flexibility to do it the other way around?
  • Having too many little systems, software or old databases which do not talk to each other?
  • Essential modules that are not part of your current Enterprise system and restrict your organisation's progress?

Have you ever considered having a 'platform approach' for your organisation whereby you can digitise operational and compliance processes the way that best fits the goals of your organisation?

Imagine a technology like Nimblex that will help you to simplify, standardise and digitise your operational processes to achieve your business improvement goals. It will also help you to further implement your vision, strategy, drive business excellence and build further equity value.

Where you see an area in your process landscape currently not covered by your Enterprise solution, we can fill it effectively with no need for clumsy workarounds or spreadsheets.

Or you might have an accounting solution with lots of spreadsheets running the rest of your business. This could be quality management, job tracking, scheduling, compliance or service queries. Nimblex will help you to gain the benefits you are seeking.

How we will help you

  • Remember, we don't write any code and it is easy to convert some of your essential spreadsheet solutions into robust Nimblex solutions by using our unique 'drag-and-drop' way of configuration to give you a best-fit solution.This means that we can listen more and focus on what success will look like for you. We can easily include your ideas, suggestions and requirements to deliver the ideal system.
  • You can start as small as you like to by digitising essential workflows and then build from there.
  • We offer a DIY or self-service capability which puts you in charge of the configuration process.
  • Nimblex will give you management data and reporting at your finger tips, all in real-time.

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