If you are an IT/ICT Manager

Is your performance hampered by:

  • A large application stack to support?
  • A mixture of Excel/Access/legacy systems that require a lot of maintenance?
  • A Key Developer risk on many self-developed solutions?
  • The ability to reliably and securely support your staff's ability to work remotely?
  • The flexibility to quickly systemise business requirements?
  • The inflexible hosting arrangements from vendors that do not allow you to put the system where you want it?
  • Stressing about data sovereignty issues?
  • Applications requiring bespoke databases to run?
  • Non-secure applications?
  • Large internal support lead times for new applications?
  • Vendor support windows falling outside of Australian business hours?

How we will help you

  • The flexibility of Nimblex brings in the capability to minimise your unique custom-developed software footprint on a standardised platform. Start small, and slowly bring in more of your organisation's custom solutions to the same platform, minimising your risk of Key Developer issues, the overall number of applications to support, and the consistency of experience with your end users.  
  • Did you know, Nimblex forms can be created from a simple Excel form import, so it may be even quicker than you thought to get something up and running. 
  • Nimblex offers three ways to host your system: in our public cloud based out of Melbourne, in a private cloud hosted out of any Azure Australian tenancy, or self-hosted on your own infrastructure investment. We tailor where we host your solution and how hands-on we are based on your exact requirements. 
  • Nimblex fully supports Single Sign On (SAML 2). This ensures your particular password policy is enforced centrally rather than relying on a third party's system. 
  • All data is transmitted via HTTPS to Nimblex hosted clouds. By default, all data is encrypted at rest using industry standard methods. 
  • At a software level, the platform supports the ability to whitelist IP addresses. 
  • All data and backups are hosted in Australian data centres; nothing goes offshore. 
  • Nimblex is fully supported from our Melbourne office during Melbourne business hours. We also have account and project management offices in Adelaide and Perth which provide support for urgent matters when our Melbourne office closes. 
  • We have many clients without a background in IT who configure Nimblex solutions. You do not need to hire expensive developers to maintain and grow a Nimblex solution, and we offer comprehensive training sessions that will get your team up to speed quickly. Generally if you are good with Excel, you will be amazing at Nimblex. 
  • Permissions can be tailored easily. Right down to a field on a form, you can define who can see "what and when" in the process. 
  • Nimblex has a wide range of tools that allow you to connect your various other business applications, from a fully compliant JSON API, ability to import and export batch files, SAML 2.0, SMTP, POP3 and the ability to connect to an external database.

Want to know more?

See the following case studies for more information: