If you are a Quality and Assurance Manager

Is your performance hampered by:

  • A lack of transparency of various quality and defect issues, corrective actions, and the statuses on fixing them?
  • The continued use of spreadsheets or an unworkable legacy solution that does not fit your process story?
  • The inconsistencies of manually processing information regarding work instructions, inspections and reporting?
  • Being spreadsheet dependent for the tracking of warranty issues and claims for product and parts?
  • The non-compliance of suppliers and internal audits?
  • Wasting hours on re-active and ad-hoc management reports with a lack of 'real-time data'?

Have you ever considered digitising the way you like to work? This will help you achieve your work goals, satisfy your senior management and further establish your brand for excellence.

Imagine a Quality Management solution that can be calibrated and configured, not only to meet the ISO 9001 standard, but also to fit the unique process story which you know will best fit your organisation to ensure success.

Nimblex's current system offers a strong framework which may be a 60% fit of how you would like to work and what you think is best for your organisation, but as a low-code platform, we can easily configure it to give you a 100% fit.

How we will help you

  • The unprecedented flexibility of Nimblex applies to all aspects of quality management which will include product quality, maintaining ISO 9001 and warranty management.
  • Remember, we don't write any code and the solutions we offer are super flexible due to our unique 'drag-and-drop' way of configuration. This means that we can listen more and focus on what success will look like for you. We can easily include your ideas, suggestions and requirements to deliver a best-fit solution. It can be configured to:
    • Best suit any workflow or escalation processes for notifications and alerts.
    • Make it easy for users to use the solution and to provide visual management capability by displaying real-time Nimblex reports on your big screen TV monitors.
    • Users can engage with Nimblex forms at their work stations or by using tablets to enter quality management data.
  • Our experience, support and client service will help you to succeed.
  • We offer a DIY or self-service capability which puts you in charge of the configuration process.
  • Nimblex will give you management data and reporting at your finger tips, all in real time.

Want to know more?

See the following case study for more information:

Read how Bucher Municipal passed IS0 9001 Audit with no spreadsheets.

In this video, Jason Tisbury of Bucher explains how Nimblex completely transformed his company.