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SA Department for Innovation and Skills – Procurement & Contract Register.

Project Overview:

The Department for Industry and Skills plays a lead role in shaping South Australia’s modern economy. Their work will benefit the community – creating new jobs, developing emerging industries and entrepreneurial culture, and leveraging our global connections now and for the future.

Developing high growth and high value industries, providing more South Australians with the right skills to secure a job. A modern skills strategy will have direct links to jobs, both today and into the future, and will ensure that investment in training is connected to employment.

Nimblex Solution: Procurement and Contract Register


  • South Australian Department for Industry and Skills was looking for a Procurement Contract Register, which will store and report on information relating to the Departments Procurement Operations, in the acquisition selection and contracting for Goods and Services.
  • The Procurement team was looking for a platform or system that is flexible, scalable and able to be self-managed by the procurement team.
  • The system must align to the State Procurement Board Procurement Process and produce reporting required by the board.


  • Core function will be to collect and report on information required by the Department, at each stage of the process to meet reporting and compliance obligations to the State Procurement Board, DPC Chief Procurement officer, DSD Finance, and other parties.
  • Ancillary function will include the ability for officers undertaking, or interested in procurement operations, to monitor and manage their activity as it progresses through the procurement process.
  • The solution will collect key metrics required by the State Procurement Board including:
    • Timing of decisions
    • References to authorisation documents
    • Financial and compliance metrics including total value and variations
    • Contract type
    • Responsible officers and reporting based on organisational structure
    • Industry Participation Policy (IPP) considerations


  • Centralised storage of all procurement and contract activities within the Nimblex system, employees are no longer reliant on multiple spreadsheets.
  • Compliant to the State Procurement Board Procurement Process and its reporting requirements.
  • Nimblex’s flexibility has been embraced internally, with stakeholders conducting configuration themselves, further enhancing the system to meet the changing and growing needs of the department.
  • Improved visibility of Procurement throughout the department, as a result of the reporting capabilities.

The project was delivered on time and within budget, and the system delivers all of the expected benefits and more. Nimblex provides great flexibility and agility to the procurement team in responding to the changing demands of the Department and government procurement.

Damian Wood,
Manager Procurement and Contracts

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