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Safety Management Solution.

Stay on top of OHS compliance and standards.

Keep your employees and clients safe by using a configured Safety Management solution that will suit your business needs.


Here are examples of the type of activities within safety management that we can configure to your particular requirements.

Incident reporting workflows

Report incidents based on specific groups of people, e.g. students, contractors, full time staff, etc. These incidents can be categorized based on Injury or Illness, Near Miss or Hazard, Property Damage or Injury to Public, Environmental or Human Exposure, etc. The input into these forms will trigger business rules, alerts, escalations and different user interfaces to best represent your process story.

For example, an input could trigger investigations and corrective actions. The investigation methodology within our solution complies with the necessary safety standards, but the flexibility we offer means that it can be configured to the way you like to oversee investigations, review investigation outcomes, create corrective actions, launch risk assessments and process return to work entries.

Proactive checklists and training

Nimblex will use your corporate risk framework to rate reported hazards, which will drive greater consistency across your organisation.

The Nimblex Platform allows you to create proactive safety checklists for whatever situation, equipment or activity you may need. It also helps with the tracking and management of the completion of these forms.

You can combine your training and induction needs with your Safety Management solution. Nimblex helps you ensure your staff is correctly inducted regarding compliance with the safety rules that are needed for a specific situation.

Nimblex allows you to link the Safety Management solution with any other Nimblex solution. Many of our clients like to link Safety Management with Vendor and Risk Management. These modules interlink seamlessly to share data, user rules, reporting, and more.

Save time with low-code.

Nimblex solutions are built using low-code development, which offers:

  • Rapid, cost-effective solution creation and deployment
  • Innovative and fully configurable solutions
  • Future-proof, agile systems and that can quickly respond to change demands
  • Increased self-service by empowering “citizen developers”

Read more about No-code vs Low-code vs Hand-code.

The ideal technology to partner for the following type of solutions:

Improve efficiencies with Nimblex’s flexibility and ability to quickly adjust to change requests and future needs.

Procurement Management

Manage and track the entire lifecycle of a procurement project and remain fully compliant.

Contract Management.

End-to-end, pro-active management of deliverables and performances of contracts.

Safety Management.

Keep your employees and clients safe with a best-fit solution compliant to safety standards.

Project Management.

Integrated project management solutions based on your ideal approach and organisation’s needs.

Freedom of Information.

Automate and track Freedom of Information requests while following correct procedures and remaining compliant.

Nimblex has created a solution to best fit our budget and functional requirement.

Graeme Gilmore
Procurement Manager
Central Goldfields Shire Council

Client Success Stories.

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