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Business Analysis for project success.

Business Analysts use the power of process automation and technology to solve business problems.

Uncover the best path to achieving your Nimblex project’s goals with in-depth business analysis.

Nimblex Business Analysts.

The Nimblex Business Analysts work with clients and client BAs to research and understand where the organisation is currently and where it needs to go. The Business Analyst will assess the existing processes and systems, uncover needs and plan solutions.

For the BRIDGE methodology

The BA will conduct a thorough GAP Analysis to determine what configuration is required to ensure that the solution performs to best-fit levels according to each client’s needs.

For the SIMPLE methodology

With the SIMPLE methodology, a more in-depth process is involved as the project is more extensive. Read in more detail.

The client’s Business Analyst:

  • Provides consolidated business requirements to Nimblex.
  • Verifies the High- Level Requirements, Wireframe and Functional Specification.
  • Is consulted on clarification of requirements.
  • Reviews feedback from staff.

The Nimblex Business Analyst:

The Nimblex BA develops the Requirements Documentation together with the client’s Business Analyst.

The Nimblex BA is responsible for:

  • Running requirements consolidation workshops
  • Documenting requirements in the form of the High- Level Requirements Document, the Functional Specification, and the Change Documentation
  • Briefing the Technical Lead on requirements
  • Coordinating clarification on requirements when needed
  • Participating in training and handover sessions
  • Proofreading handover document and user manuals

Our Process.

We offer an alternative to expensive custom software solutions that take a long time to develop and install. Our flexible, low-code Nimblex platform is configured around you.
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