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Project Management Services.

Deliver your project successfully, on time and on budget.

Nimblex assigns a Project Manager to each new project who works with clients and the Nimblex staff to expertly deliver the final product.

Project Management and Implementation.

The Project Manager will keep the client and Nimblex stakeholders updated on the status of the project, and will manage the implementation process.

The project management methodology chosen depends on the type and size of the project.

Methodology for standard out-of-the-box solutions.

These solutions are mature solutions that require little configuration. They are off-the-shelf applications, yet they remain flexible and configurable.

The main emphasis of this approach is ‘bridging the gap’ – we do a gap analysis between your current needs and the new solutions you are implementing.

Key benefits of this implementation approach:

  • Starting with a mature framework: Our OOTB solutions enable you to start with a framework and we will help you to correctly identify your needs using this framework as a guide.
  • Quick and Easy: This way of implementation will ensure we get you up and running in a short lead time with a best-fit solution.

Methodology for more complex, configured solutions.

The approach used for successfully implementing more complex solutions was designed to respond to the flexibility offered by Nimblex.

Key benefits of this implementation approach:

  • Clarity: All your questions about who, what, when, where, how, etc. are well defined throughout the methodology.
  • Low Risk: The iterative review process gives our clients ample time to suggest changes, which is also well accommodated by the flexibility Nimblex offers.
  • Fixed Price: Subject to a confirmed scope, this approach help us to successfully implement fixed price projects making it super easy for you to manage your budget obligations.

Our Process.

We offer an alternative to expensive custom software solutions that take a long time to develop and install. Our flexible, low-code Nimblex platform is easily configurable.
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