Nimblex Custom software will mould around you and your organisation’s workflow procedures, easily and cost effectively. Shaping your form templates, document outputs, automated communication and business rules, to fit your exact requirements.

Custom Entry Portals

Custom Software entry portals can be branded with your corporate colours and logos.

In addition, different user groups can have their own unique entry portals based on their specific requirements, including:

  • Searchable summary tables tailored to your data
  • Quick search and filtering functions
  • Swift access to key reports
  • Charts
  • Visual indicators
    (for example: colour-coded levels of urgency)

Custom Reports and Dashboards using Real-Time Data

Management meetings which require no preparation thanks to Nimblex’s custom reports and dashboards using real time data.

Click to view the source data for a specific chart.

Flexible reporting options, with charting, tabular and dashboard reports that can be pre-configured as per your requirements with our easy to use ‘Report Creator’. Share reports with your colleagues, allowing them read or write privileges. Export your reports into Excel or CSV files too.


Interested in Nimblex?


Nimblex offers a number of options for integrating your custom solution with other software solutions:

  • Accessing a 3rd party API
  • Scheduled import from file
  • Accessing a 3rd party database directly
  • By Reference


We offer 3 hosting options:

  1. Public Cloud
  2. Private Cloud (Based out of Azure)
  3. On-Site (Client Hosted)

All data is hosted within Australia, irrespective of which option you select.