Custom Job Management Software


Nimblex Job Management software will ensure you always know where your staff members are, what jobs they are working on and if there are any scheduling conflicts. You can quickly create, schedule and assign jobs to your team and the system is accessible to multiple users in multiple locations.



  • Simplify the scheduling process
  • Increase visibility of operations across the organisation
  • Allow resources to be effectively managed
  • Provide a visual representation of resource conflicts


  • Scheduling Assistant
  • Calendar Reports
  • Maintainable lists of work days at an organisational level
  • Create both once-off and repeatable tasks, jobs or events
  • Build templates for one-click scheduling of multiple tasks *Coming Soon*
  • Send notifications to linked staff or clients

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Nimblex offers a number of options for integrating your contract management solution with other software solutions:
  • Accessing a 3rd party API
  • Scheduled import from file
  • Accessing a 3rd party database directly
  • By Reference


We offer 3 hosting options:
  1. Public Cloud
  2. Private Cloud (Based out of Azure)
  3. On-Site (Client Hosted)
All data is hosted within Australia, irrespective of which option you select.