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Meetings and Actions Solution .

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Compact Meetings and Actions Solution

The Meetings and Actions software makes scheduling, recording and tracking your internal/external meetings and actions easy and all from a central location.

Quickly Implemented

The system is ready to go with just minor configuration to make it your own, including custom branding.

Main Features

  • Customised branding
  • Status dashboard
  • Email/calendar integration (send invitations)
  • Agenda templates
  • Conference call link in agenda
  • Request agenda items/review
  • Email agenda
  • Agenda clone option
  • Attendance and apologies
  • Note taking during meeting
  • Record risks regarding items discussed
  • Assign actions/tasks
  • Automated action reminders
  • Track actions
  • Take minutes/minutes builder
  • Store/archive minutes
  • Email minutes
  • Repeat meeting option
  • Filter capabilities
  • Viewing permission levels
  • Attach/import documents
  • Web-based (can view on any device with Internet access)
  • Integration with other Nimblex solutions

The Main Dashboard

  • The main dashboard lists past and future meetings with:
  • Dates and times
  • Locations
  • The people invited
  • Whether the minutes have been sent out

Filters and Summary Panels

The table can be filtered to only show results relevant to the current user.

The three summary panels give figures of the number of attendees, upcoming meetings and attended meetings.

A New Meeting

When scheduling a meeting, users can specify:

  • Type of meeting
  • Date and time
  • Who called the meeting
  • Location

Automatically send the agenda to the invitees


Invitees are selected and agenda items added, with fields for what is to be discussed, who will be speaking, and the time allotted. This running sheet can then be sent out for review if needed.


Setup Based on Previous Meeting

A variety of optional settings are available, such as the “Setup Based on Previous Meeting” section, which allows users to copy the details and agenda from another meeting, rather than having to start from scratch. 

Link With Other Nimblex Solutions

If an organisation has another Nimblex solution, the “Link to Entity” panel allows users to link the meeting to a record from that solution, so it will appear in both systems and the information shared.

Repeat Occurrences

If the meeting is to reoccur in the future, the Frequency panel provides options to schedule the reoccurring dates and times.

Minutes, Actions and Risks

The minutes keep track of who attended, reasons for not attending, and detailed minutes recorded against each agenda item.

Any actions or risks can also be added and assigned to the relevant users.

Once finished, the minutes, including any attachments, can be emailed out to the attendees and anyone else who needs to be kept in the loop.

Actions can be tracked from the main dashboard where you can see the statuses, priorities, who is responsible, etc. 

Tasks can also be managed from the system and details added using the Notes panel, with updates being shared via email.

Low-Code Development

Nimblex solutions are built using low-code development, which offers:

Rapid, cost-effective solution creation and deployment

Innovative, flexible design capability

An extremely agile system, i.e. it is future-proof and can quickly respond to change demands

Highly adaptable perfect-fit solutions

Increased self-service by empowering “citizen developers”

Read more about No-code vs Low-code vs Hand-code.


Nimblex offers a number of options for integrating with other software solutions:

Accessing a 3rd party API

Scheduled import from file

Accessing a 3rd party database directly

By Reference

We offer 3 hosting options:

  1. Public Cloud
  2. Private Cloud (Based out of Azure)
  3. On-Site (Client Hosted)

All data is hosted within Australia, irrespective of which option you select.

Our world class support team is ready to help.

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